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Energy Everywhere

Energy is everywhere and its transfer and flow around us is vital for our existence. How do we benefit from these natural flows? Energy can’t disappear but where does it go and why?

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Energy Everywhere interactive software exhibit

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‘A third of all visitors to the Science Museum include the 'Energy – Fuelling the Future Gallery' as part of their visit. The gallery is also particularly popular with families from overseas.’
Figures are taken from 1,400 exit surveys conducted April 08 – December 08.
Visitor Insight Executive, Science Museum.

Key Theme



Energy is everywhere and its transfer and flow around us is vital for our existence. How do we benefit from these natural flows? Energy can’t disappear but where does it go and why?


The concept of this software maps out a series of simple narratives that introduce visitors to the subject of energy transfer and energy flow. The story is told through a large projected animation where the energy flow is seen through the interactions of the various objects that appear in a landscape, for example, the sun, trees and clouds. To allow the visitor to feel part of the narrative, they are asked to undertake simple interactive movements throughout the course of the animation such as flapping their arms up and down to make the wind blow the trees, and ‘digging’ for coal. These interactions control the pace of the animation and the physical input required from the visitor in itself demonstrates energy input versus outcomes.

Learning Messages

Energy takes many forms like light, heat and movement, and can change from one form into another. Ultimately, most of the world’s energy comes from the sun. Since it takes millions of years to make oil, coal and gas, how will we power our lives when these fossil fuels eventually run out? Like most of the energy that we use today, the energy stored in them originally came from the sun. We can use energy from other sources, but it’ll usually be less concentrated so won’t go so far.

Target Audience

National Curriculum Key Stages 2 and 3; children (age 7-14) and their teachers and families with children aged 7-14 years.


This piece can be found on the in the ‘Energy – Fuelling the Future Gallery,’ 2nd Floor at the Science Museum.

Technical Specification

This piece requires a fast PC running Windows XP with a good graphics/sound cards and 2 Gig RAM. The piece also requires an ultrasound sensor, a microphone audio in, a floor sensor and good audio speakers. This piece requires bespoke sensors; specification for these can be provided.
Note: This piece can also be provided reworked for use with a simple video camera to capture motion instead of an ultrasound sensor and another overhead camera instead of a floor sensor.

Built Environment

Described as an ‘interactive playground’ the Energy- Fuelling the Future Gallery is an internationally acclaimed and incredibly popular gallery. As part of our interactive product offer, in collaboration with leading built environment designers Casson Mann we can offer the opportunity to purchase designs of Science Museum specification interactive exhibit housing for your environment to recreate the Energy gallery’s unique ‘look and feel.’ The Energy Gallery built environment has been designed to offer versatility for groups and individuals, to encourage intrigue, exploration and reflection.


To download information about the Energy Everywhere software interactive in printable, PDF format click here.

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