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Making Energy Useful

Energy is all around us but we need the right technology to harness it and make it useful. This game tests knowledge and reaction times as the player captures the resource with the appropriate technology to harness it.

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Making Energy Useful- Harness the energy with the right technology.

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Key Theme



Energy is everywhere but we need to have the right technology to harness it and make it useful. We need turbines to capture the winds energy, solar panels to capture the suns energy and power station to create energy from Uranium. This game tests knowledge and requires the player to be quick fingered to catch the energy sources with the right technology to convert it to a means which we can use.

Target Audience

National Curriculum Key Stages 2 and 3; children (age 7-14) and their teachers and families with children age 7-14 years.

Game Format

Available in kiosk and web formats.

Learning Messages

To make raw energy useful for our own needs we need to harness it in some way.

Raw energy sources include wind, uranium, oil, gas, coal, moving water, sunlight, biomass geothermal sources.

We harness different energy resources in different ways to make electricity or fuel, which often reaches users via electric sockets and petrol pumps.

Nature provides us with many raw energy sources, and the ultimate source of most of these is the sun.


Energy Info Zone, ‘Energy-Fuelling the Future’ Gallery, 2nd floor of the Science Museum.

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