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Duckboy in Nanoland: Big Adventures in a Small World.

Small Science, big deal! Nanotechnology is about making, manipulating and measuring extremely tiny things.

Nanoland 1 large

Nanotechnology- Duckboy in Nanoland.

On average of 4000 people play each of the ‘Energy – Fuelling the Future’ Gallery games each month!

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Key Theme



Duck Boy is exploring Nanoland. It’s a strange place where not all is what it seems. As Duck Boy explores Nanoland he encounters a strange phenomenon; as he plays Nanoland’s games they reduce in size to nano-scale! Playing the game is much harder at nano-scale until Duck Boy is introduced to solutions based in Nanotechnology which help nano-Duck Boy complete his challenges!

Target Audience

Antenna is a world first - a constantly updated series of exhibitions devoted to science news, including breaking stories provided by the BBC. Antenna Feature Game ‘Duckboy in Nanoland’ is suitable for all audiences.

Game Format

Available in kiosk and web formats.

Learning Messages

Nanotechnology refers to a field whose theme is the control of matter on an atomic and molecular scale.

There has been much debate on the future of implications of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has the potential to create many new materials and devices with wide-ranging applications, such as in medicine, electronics, and energy production.


This game was part of an Antenna Feature which could be found on the ground floor of the Science Museum.

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