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The Science Museum Interactive Exhibit Product range is the result of an exciting collaboration with leading interactive exhibit developer: Paragon Creative Ltd. These products offer a unique opportunity to purchase a complete mechanical, interactive exhibit design, which is the result of the extensive research and development by the creative minds at the Science Museum and Paragon Creative Ltd. These tried and tested interactive exhibits are fully fabricated to high standard and can be installed at your location.

The mechanical interactive product range reflects what our audiences dictate and many are inspired by the Science Museum’s internationally renowned Launchpad. The products explore science themes demonstrated on the gallery floor. All products are supported by the key learning messages and Paragon Creative Ltd can provide technical information and tailored solutions to meet any gallery's needs.

The Science Museum range of interactive products is extensive and varied. It offers a value solution for budgets large or small and a simple one-stop solution to suit a variety of spaces and users. Use the link below to explore the full range.

Sticky liquids large

'Sticky Liquids' Interactive Exhibit Product

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  • Seeing sound Thumb

The outcome of this experience and knowledge are over 30 stylish, informative and practical learning Interactives which are tried and tested in some of the most demanding Museum and Science Centre environments. Suitable and adaptable for any learning environment our product range can be customised to meet your learning objectives, branding and gallery specifications. As this new venture matures and both Paragon Creative and the Science Museum create new and dynamic bespoke Interactives we hope to add to this range of off the shelf Interactive Products.’

Mark Pyrah, Sales & Marketing Director. Paragon Creative Ltd.

Key Theme

The Science Museum Interactive Exhibit Product range is formulated around science principles of Sound, Materials, Light, Electricity, Magnetism, Energy transfer, Forces and Motion.

Target Audience

The Science Museum Interactive Product range offers a variety of interactive products suitable for all ages, however it's educational messages are targeted at National Curriculum Key Stages 2 and 3, children aged 7 to 14 years.


The range offers a variety of mechanical, interactive exhibits. Exhibits are designed for individual and multi-user interaction.


A range of Science Museum inspired, mechanical interactive exhibit products developed, fabricated and installed by Paragon Creative Ltd as part of their Paragon Specialist Product range. Follow the link below for more information.

Learning Messages

The Science Museum Interactive Exhibit Product range is formulated around science principles of Sound, Materials, Light, Electricity, Magnetism, Energy transfer, Forces and Motion. See individual exhibit specifications for detailed learning intentions.
The product range refines learning by reinforcing knowledge through real experiences. These cognitive learning experiences develop understanding of how things work, the counter-intuitive nature of physics and that science is about trial and error and importantly, asking questions.
The interactive product range encourages skills such as imaginative thinking, observation and purposeful exploration. The products support the users confidence in exploration, persistence in the face of failure and provide memorable experiences.
At a social skill level many of the interactive products offer opportunity for collaboration, team working and communication.
Importantly, interactive exhibits demonstrate that science can be fun and surprising.

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If you would to see the full range of Science Museum interactive exhibits, explore the Paragon Creative web pages.

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