Penicillin changed the world in 1928

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A life-saving medicine made from mould? Would you have believed it?

The future then...

Penicillin transformed the treatment of infectious disease and saved countless lives around the world. The first of our modern antibiotics, it was a powerful weapon against diseases such as pneumonia and syphilis. Thanks to drugs like penicillin, we lead longer, healthier lives.

The future now...

Many scientists believe stem-cell therapy will transform the future of medicine. Stem cells can be grown into any type of cell in the body, so they could be used to grow new muscles, nerves and blood cells - or even complex organs.

'Without penicillin, I probably wouldn't be here. I had to take it for the first three years of my life - I have a hole in my heart and the doctors worried it could get infected.'

Jessie Swisher, Senior Fundraiser

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