What's on

The Science Museum is 100 years old!

The Centenary festivities aren’t over yet. Until June 2010 there’ll be more events, concerts, lectures and new exhibitions as the Science Museum continues to celebrate a century of science.

September 2009 sees the launch of the Science Museum’s Centenary Talks, a chance to meet and hear from some amazing experts. Talks cost £7 per person. To book your place, call 0870 870 4771.

Science for the Public
10 May
Public shows of scientific experiments have captured the imagination of countless generations, whether in the coffee houses of 18th-century London or in the Science Museum’s Launchpad. Join science historian Professor Simon Schaffer as he takes you on a journey through the test tubes, air pumps and big bangs that have changed our views of science and its many public meanings.

Centenary Talk: Empathy and the Human Brain  
14 June
As our knowledge of neuroscience grows, so too does our understanding of how we relate and communicate with other people. Join Professor Simon Baron-Cohen as he looks at how empathy develops in some, but fails in others.

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