X-ray Machine

The X-ray Machine changed the future in 1895

  • X Ray Object

Looking inside the body was tricky before the discovery of X-rays. What did it mean for medicine?

The future then...

X-rays revolutionised how doctors detected disease and injury. For the first time we could see bones and other structures inside the living body - instead of relying on symptoms, samples or surgery.

The future now...

Today, new kinds of imaging technology allow us to 'see' inside our minds as well as our bodies. In the future, brain scanners might be used to record our dreams or even to detect what we're about to think - before we think it...

'I fell out of a tree when I was little and I still remember having the X-ray - seeing inside my body! Now I'm working on a gallery about what makes us human - I had a brain scan as part of my research.'

Holly Cave, Exhibition Developer, Who am I? project

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