About our funders

The Science Museum is pleased to have received support from individuals, companies, trusts and the government, enabling us to realise the atmosphere ...exploring climate science gallery and the three-year Climate Changing... programme. Through these ground-breaking projects we invite all our visitors to deepen their understanding of the science behind our changing climate.

We believe that working together with such a wide range of sectors is something that we'll all need to be able to do in our climate-changing world.

The following organisations and individuals have helped to fund the atmosphere ...exploring climate science gallery and the Climate Changing... programme:

Principal Sponsors

All of us need energy to develop and grow. But to protect our planet we must produce less CO2. That’s why at Shell, we are working hard to build a new energy system while supporting a deeper understanding of climate science.

Siemens is proud to sponsor atmosphere - inspiring future scientists and engineers to answer the world’s toughest questions in search of a sustainable future.

Please note: James Smith and Andreas J Goss are Trustees of the Science Museum. This video was produced in 2010 when Professor Chris Rapley was Director of the Science Museum, James Smith was Chairman of Shell UK and Andreas J Goss was Chief Executive of Siemens UK.

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Major Sponsor

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Additional Supporters

Defra ScM Patrons

Additional funding for the Climate Changing programme has come from:

Founders Circle

We would like to thank our current Founders Circle members: