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What's on: Climate Changing Events

Climate Changing Stories

Energy Hall
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Climate Changing Stories is a new free display that combines science, imagination, artefacts and art with different time periods and perspectives to give a long view of our ever-evolving planet.

From the climate of 19th century London to science fiction inspired visions of the future, to wind turbines and the almost obsolete incandescent light bulb, the exhibition will take visitors on a fascinating journey through some of the Museum's best-loved galleries to discover objects and stories that reflect the human capacity to adapt to the challenges of our climate changing world.

Among the highlights of the display is the Bersey Cab - the first self-propelled vehicle for hire that appeared on the streets of London in 1897. Now, electric transport is firmly back on the agenda with charging points in London set to double in the next six months and a futuristic ‘driverless electric taxi’ in the offing. Could the car of our great-great-great-grandparents present a solution for greener cities today?

What's on the trail...

1 Blazing Entrails

The terrifying and thrilling tale of 18th-century Britain: one painting captures the transformation from rural idyll to industrial powerhouse.
Category: Animation
Location: Newcomen steam engine, ground floor Energy Hall

2 March of the Pylons

Aliens disrupting the landscape or the arrival of cleaner energy: the story of electricity remains one of mixed emotion.
Category: Film
Location: Parsons electricity generator, ground floor Energy Hall

3 Earth from Space

Understanding Earth’s environment took on a whole new dimension when we first saw an image of our planet taken from space.
Category: Object/Image/Film
Location: V2 rocket engine, ground floor, Exploring Space

4 The Toaster Project

The tale of the not-so-simple toaster: designer Thomas Thwaites made his from scratch to highlight the sophistication of everyday products.
Category: Art installation
Location: Ground floor, Making the Modern World

5 New Landscapes

Close inspection reveals hidden truths: artist Yao Lu creates disturbing new images based on traditional Chinese landscapes.
Category: Artwork
Location: Ground floor, Making the Modern World

6 Longplayer

An invitation to connect to the far-off future: listen to artist Jem Finer’s thousand-year-long piece of music.
Category: Music installation
Location: Ground floor, Making the Modern World

7 One Thousand Motor Cars

A dream come true or a nightmare-in-waiting? Either way, with his Model T car, Henry Ford changed the way we made things for ever.
Category: Object/Image
Location: Ground floor, Making the Modern World

8 Antarctic Adventure

Patience and determination won the day in this epic journey across the ice in the Tucker Sno-Cat, bringing with it new data on the polar ice sheets.
Category: Object/Film
Location: Ground floor, Making the Modern World

9 The Mighty Atom

From physics labs in 1940s Cambridge to the headlines from Japan in 2011, nuclear power is never a simple story.
Category: Object/Film
Location: Million-volt accelerator, ground floor, Making the Modern World

10 The Whole Earth

Fragile, beautiful and alone - since we first saw this image in 1972 it has stirred our emotions and provoked us into action.
Category: Image
Location: Apollo 10 command module, ground floor, Making the Modern World

11 Turbine Futures

A story of progress and sustainability: bigger turbine blades mean more power, but what to do with smaller blades when they ‘retire’?
Category: Object
Location: Ground floor, Wellcome Wing

12 Electric Dreams

The surprisingly old story of London’s first electrically powered taxi, the Bersey Cab.
Category: Object
Location: Ground floor, Wellcome Wing

13 The Big Smoke

The four-day smog that changed the public’s mind and swept in one of the UK’s first environmental laws.
Category: Object/Film
Location: First floor lift interchange, near Cosmos and Culture

14 Plant Fiction

Artists collective Troika imagine the near future with five fictional plants that could change our relationship with nature.
Category: Artworks
Location: Second floor, Computing and Mathematics

15 Jaywick Escapes

The story of an uncertain future in Jaywick: artists Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope’s portrait of a coastal town in Essex.
Category: Art installation
Location: Second floor, Energy Briefing Room

16 The Climate of London

The triumph of observation over hearsay in the 1800s: Luke Howard’s obsession with data shaped today’s climate science practice.
Category: Objects
Location: Third floor, Science in the 18th Century

17 The World of Tomorrow

When science fiction becomes reality: these 1930s visions prove adventurous ideas are nothing new in the race for renewable energy.
Category: Images
Location: Third floor, Shake Bar

18 Light Switching

A story of resistance and change: low-energy bulbs may not impress, but history reveals we felt the same about change in the 1880s.
Category: Objects/Image
Location: Third floor, Shake Bar

19 30 Km

The turbulent journey of a weather balloon: artist Simon Faithfull sent his video camera into space for a different perspective.
Category: Art installation
Location: Third floor, Flight Gallery

20 Hidden Strength

Ornithopters failed to get off the ground, but with modern components like the Airbus A380 wing rib, today’s aeronautical designers are discovering hidden connections with our feathered friends.
Category: Object
Location: Third floor, Flight Gallery


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