Launchpad is packed with over 50 interactive exhibits, plus electrifying shows and lively demos, all from the wonderful world of physics. Launchpad is all about asking questions and making sense of the way things work. What am I looking at? What would happen if... ? Ask your parents, your friends, or one of our friendly Explainers (who are easy to spot in their red T-shirts). Launchpad is open to all, but is particularly aimed at 8- to 14-year-olds, plus their parents and teachers. Under-12s must be accompanied by an adult, and school groups need to pre-book their visit.

Additional information about the exhibits is available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Language cards are available from the Information desk in the centre of the Launchpad. Please ask an Explainer if you require assistance.

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On display

Icy Bodies

At Icy Bodies watch carbon dioxide turn straight from a solid into a gas, creating swirling misty patterns as the solid pellets ricochet across the surface of a pool of water.

Light Table

Explore the beautiful properties of light at our Light Table. Bounce light rays about with mirrors, break them into rainbows or combine different colours of light to see what patterns you can make.

Thermal Imaging

See the world differently with our Thermal Imaging Camera, which detects heat rather than light. Which bit of you will appear hottest on the screen?

Big Machine

The iconic Grain Pit exhibit from the original Launchpad gallery has been reinvented for the new gallery as the brand-new Big Machine. Discover how simple machines can make moving things easier.

On the Move

An incredible mousetrap-style machine was built in a deserted warehouse in Cornwall. It ran for just one day, but we captured it on film. Watch the chain reaction unfold in Launchpad.