Education at NRM York

Explore the science, technology and history of the railways with the NRM’s Learning Team. We offer a range of workshops for all ages to help you get the most out of your visit, all FREE.

Off to the seaside

What was it like to live and travel 100 years ago? Find out by dressing up in costume and exploring our period carriage. KS1, 35 minutes.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges - Education at the National Railway Museum

Feel the forces involved in bridges – literally. Discover what tension and compression mean as you become part of a bridge. KS3, 40 minutes.

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Learn how to stay safe on the railways in this interactive rail-safety workshop. KS 2, 35 minutes.

World War Two: Operation Pied Piper

Learning at the National Railway Museum

Make your own gas mask and experience wartime conditions. KS2, 45 minutes.

Background: L&SWR Adams 563