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Climate Science

In December 2010, the brand new atmosphere… exploring climate science gallery opened at our sister museum, the Science Museum in London. They teamed up with us, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and At-Bristol to launch the Climate Science Outreach Project: a three-year project to engage and inspire year 9 students and teachers with the science behind climate change, and give them the skills to create resources about the topic.

In year 1, 19 schools from across London, York and Manchester were set the challenge of exploring climate change through art. The results were fantastic, and the students' work was photographed and displayed in an exhibition that toured all three regions.

In year 2, we were joined by two more regions – Bristol and Widnes – and recruited nearly 50 schools. This time the students became science journalists and produced fantastic climate change articles, which were then compiled into a magazine called ‘Atmos’. Each of the students received a copy, and an exhibition toured the five regions and highlighte the students' work.

In year 3, students are being asked to organise and run an event in their school or community that will raise awareness of climate change. In previous years we've had five York schools taking part – this year, we've been able to recruit ten schools from several areas including Leeds, Harrogate and Hull.

For further information about the project, contact Adam Fozard in the Learning and Public Programmes team: or 01904 685 743.

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