What’s on at NRM York

Science shows

Find out how big things move fast – with the help of an elephant launcher and a cannon.

Weekends and school holidays
Various times through the day: check daily diary when you arrive
Suitable for all ages
Family activities
Learning Platform

Get the kids engaged in our interactive show From Rocket To Bullet: The Science Of How Trains Move! – suitable for all the family. Discover how BIG things travel fast with our very own elephant launcher, and see a cannon launch a doll to demonstrate steam pressure.

There's the all-new All Aboard the Bubble Train: help us discover why bubbles are the shapes they are, why we see those beautiful colours on them and why some bubbles sink and other bubbles float.

Or enjoy The Eggsellent Science Show!, which eggsplores the smashing science of the humble egg. Find out why it's such a strong shape and how that links to the railways. Includes eggsiting eggsperiments.

Please refer to the daily diary at the admissions desk on your arrival for times and locations.

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