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Kenneth Grange draws a train

An exhibit giving a fascinating insight into Grange's process of designing the High Speed Train.

04 May 2014 - 31 Dec 2015
Suitable for all ages, Adults, Families
Great Hall

Designed by Kenneth Grange, one of Britain's most successful product designers, the train's iconic looks were key to its success. It gave British Rail a new, modern image in the 1970's at a time when trains seemed outdated. Although the train was only meant to be used while more high-tech solutions were being created, it still runs on our railways today.

British Rail initially approached Grange to design just the livery for their new trains, but he decided to have a go at redesigning the shape too. Initially the design had buffers, but upon learning from the British Rail engineer that they weren't actually necessary, he created the famous Inter-City design that both looked great and promoted smoother airflow.

Find out more from April in the Great Hall, near the model railway.

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