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Museum collection

Collections and archives

A look at the over 1,000,000 objects in the National Collection.

School of signalling

Our award-winning volunteers demonstrate our original 1912 signalling layout.


Mallard painting

Mallard receives a fresh coat of paint in our workshop ahead of the 75th anniversary of its speed record.

Flying Scotsman 1

Hot riveting the boiler.

Flying Scotsman 2

Rewheeling the chassis.

Flying Scotsman 3

Boiler steam test.

Flying Scotsman 4

More riveting.

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell refitted at the Great Central Railway workshop in Loughborough, ahead of our '1968' event in 2008.

Duchess of Hamilton

Duchess of Hamilton

An introduction to the streamlined locomotive.

Streamlined design

How designers have influenced the things that we take for granted.

More about Duchess

A further insight into Duchess of Hamilton.

Fixing transfers

Our conservation experts apply the varnish fix transfer to the side of Duchess's carriage, ready for unveiling in 2011.

Rail vehicles

The railway velocipede

Bob Gwynne, Associate Curator of Rail Vehicles, talks about this unusual vehicle. (Video from Railfest 2012.)

Simplex LR2156

Paul Martin, Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway driver, on this wartime vehicle. (Video from Railfest 2012.)


The last steam service

Footage from the '15 Guineas Special' on 11 August 1968. It was the last steam hauled passenger service on British Railways.

Our collections

Sample footage from the huge archive of material we hold in our research and archive facility.

Vintage A4 footage

We uploaded this video as part of our Great Reunion of A4s in 2008.


Coal train

Coal being transported by train from ports to power stations, including a stretch over the Forth Bridge. This film is on display at Shildon.

Background: Class 87