Railway workers who died in World War One

This is a table of over 20,000 railway employees who died in World War One. It combines information from items in our archive and library collections (such as railway staff magazines), and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

If you see a reference to a magazine, that means information or a photo of that railway worker was printed in the magazine issue mentioned. Some of that information is usually in the table itself (under Notes, or Company), but you can come and look at the magazines themselves in our research and archive centre.

We've got a variety of material relating to railways and World War One - see the Further Reading list at the bottom of this page for more info.

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You can also see a list of the railway rolls of honour we have, in the Our Collection section.

Flickr user familyhistory1 has uploaded a set of photos of Great Western Railway workers who died during World War One.

Swindon Central Library has a Flickr photo set of Great Western Railway staff magazine scans, showing soldiers from Swindon Works who died.

The Midland Railway Study Centre has a list of Midland Railway staff who died during World War One which comes from a different source to ours.

Images from the collection

This is just a small selection of pictures from our collection. Find out more by coming to our Search Engine.

Nurses with an ambulance train at Liverpool station, 1916.
This train was on display in several stations in Lancashire and Yorkshire before being taken to the Western Front.

Exhibition train at Huddersfield, 1917
The Mayor of Huddersfield with nurses next to an ambulance train at Huddersfield station, West Yorkshire, 17 November 1917.

Photograph album showing ambulance trains supplied by the Great Central Railway

Large framed photograph showing loading of ambulance train
This photograph came from Wolverton works and would have been displayed in a prominent position in the works.

Page from diagram book showing car for sitting up and mental cases showing lavatories, two padded compartments and sitting compartments, accommodation for 48 sitting

North Eastern Railway Ambulance Train Van, 1914-1918
Seen outside the City Of York walls is a 25 ton van converted into an ambulance carriage.

Flag, cotton, Union Jack, printed with lettering "Souvenir of Ambulance Train constructed by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway for use on the Continent, November 1917.

Photograph album showing ambulance trains supplied by the Great Central Railway No 15 Train Fairfield Station and train staff

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