We have a collection of around 800 journals (or 'serials') – and we're still collecting 300 of them today.

All journals (also called serials, periodicals or magazines) can be consulted in Search Engine, our library and archive centre.

Is it on the shelves?

Some of the popular titles are on the shelves for you to browse, but we can't have them all out because space is limited. To find out if a journal is in our store, you can search our library catalogue - which is held on the website of the University of York.

There's also an database of journal article references that you can browse here at the museum.

Journal classification scheme

Each journal has a 'shelfmark' that helps you find it. For example, if The Railway Magazine has the shelfmark 2.0320, that means it's in section 2, shelf area 320.

There are 11 sections:

  • Section 1: House journals (journals produced by railway companies, manufacturers or railway trade unions)
  • Section 2: Professional and technical journals
  • Section 3: Learned societies
  • Section 4: Specialist railway study groups
  • Section 5: Amateur railway interest
  • Section 6: Model railway journals
  • Section 7: Railway preservation journals
  • Section 8: Overseas railway publications
  • Section 9: Museum, library and cultural heritage journals
  • Section 10: Non-railway publications
  • Section 11: Miscellaneous titles

Staff magazine indexes

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