Collections of scientific, technological and medical objects are at the heart of our museum and we are continually adding to these unique resources.

We collect objects that: 

  • can engage our various audiences
  • can be focal points for interpretation, discussion, debate or research
  • are relevant to the Museums' underlying themes
  • can help us tell stories.  

Collecting must be considered, controlled and sustainable. We have to be confident that we can safely care for and store all new objects. Storage space is finite, and keeping objects stable for the long term requires a serious financial commitment.

New objects are only acquired after careful consideration. Great value is always placed on the potential of these new additions to serve our many visitors - through exhibitions, websites, broadcast, outreach, public events or scholarship.

Underpinning this general philosophy are the curatorial teams' collecting strategies for each of the Museums. These ensure that we are guided and supported by a robust understanding - one that formally sets out our desire to enrich collections that can reflect the global impact of science, technology, medicine and media across all cultures. Since the beginning of 2005 the Museum has added almost 4000 objects to its inventory.

Recent acquisitions