Books, journals, patents, trade literature, directories and maps charting the world-wide development of science, engineering and medicine from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries

Original printed works

Held at the Science Museum Library Wroughton

  • Rare Books collection : 4600 books and 85 periodicals published before 1800, and rare later works.
  • Comben Collection  of early works illustrative of the History of Animal Husbandry, Farriery and the Veterinary Art
  • Watt Collection : 119 titles owned by James Watt (1736-1819), the famous engineer
  • International Exhibitions : 1278 publications from exhibitions held throughout the world including the Great Exhibition of 1851
  • Nineteenth century books : about 23,000 popular and academic books covering all branches of science, technology and engineering including natural history and scientific exploration
  • Twentieth century books : about 75,000 popular, technical and academic books on all branches of science, technology and industry.
  • Periodicals : a collection rich with scientific and engineering journals from around the world with many foreign language titles.
  • Patents : British patent specifications dating from 1617 to 1992
  • Trade Literature : technical and promotional literature including trade catalogues and instruction manuals from thousands of mainly British companies
  • Trade Directories : several hundred trade and street directories of different industries and locations, but focussed on London, mostly dating from the twentieth century.
  • Chartered Institute of Transport: several hundred bound volumes of reports, books and pamphlets dealing with all aspects of transport including management, policy, company information and history, the social aspects of transport and town planning.
  • Walt Patterson Nuclear Collection : ephemera and popular and semi-popular books on nuclear energy.
  • John Milne Seismological Library : a collection of several hundred books, pamphlets and journals covering seismology and earthquakes from the 18th to early 20th centuries.