The periodicals collection is rich with scientific and engineering journals from around the world and has many foreign language titles

Nineteenth and twentieth century periodicals

The collection includes runs of conference proceedings, research reports and publications associated with universities, research organisations and professional societies. Some periodicals are continuations from volumes held in the Rare Books Collection.

Most journals are catalogued on the Library’s online catalogue, but some records still on the card catalogue. The Library also has many of the standard indexes and abstracts, including the Royal Society’s Catalogue of scientific papers, 1800-1900. In addition it holds the ‘Tolhausen Index’ (dated 1876), a unique manuscript index to technical and scientific papers published in selected English, French and German periodicals from 1666-1865.

Examples include

From The Illustrated London News

The logo of the Illustrated London News

Railway Accident on the Dee Viaduct, Chester, Cheshire, 24 May 1847.

The predicted path between India and Australia of the solar eclipse, 1871.

From Mechanics’ magazine

The 'Rocket' steam locomotive, October 1829.

Sir George Cayley's proposed 'Aerial Carriage' of 1843.

From Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

Plan of the Principal Triangulation of Britain, 1787-1790.