This collection of ephemera and books on nuclear energy and nuclear policy published between 1945 and 1990 was donated by Walt Patterson

Walt Patterson Nuclear Collection

This collection of ephemera and popular and semi-popular books on nuclear energy and nuclear policy published between 1945 and 1990 was donated by Walt Patterson. It includes brochures, posters, pamphlets, government reports and other material on a variety of nuclear issues, including nuclear power, nuclear warfare and anti-nuclear campaigns from around the world.

The library includes some five hundred hardback and paperback books, mostly in English but also in other languages, and printed materials, some now very rare, published by nuclear activists, proponents and opponents throughout the world. It comprises a distinctive and unique array of documentation recording the development of nuclear energy in public policy and the popular mind for half a century.

  • The collection includes, for example:
  • The Atomic Age Opens (two editions, 1945)
  • The Smyth Report (1945), the first official US Government publication on atomic energy
  • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 
  • Military and Political Consequences of Atomic Energy, by P.M.S. Blackett (1948)
  • Fear, War and the Bomb, by P.M.S. Blackett (1949)
  • Sourcebook on Atomic Energy, by Samuel Glasstone (various editions, 1950s)
  • US Atomic Energy Commission popular booklets (1950s)
  • How To Survive An Atomic Attack (Bantam Books, 1950)
  • Report on the Atom, by Gordon Dean (1953)
  • The Voyage of the Lucky Dragon, by Ralph Lapp (1957)
  • Britain's Atomic Factories, by Kenneth Jay (1955)
  • Calder Hall, by Kenneth Jay (1956)
  • Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, by Robert Jungk (1958)
  • Our Friend the Atom (Walt Disney, 1959)
  • Now It Can Be Told, by Leslie Groves (1962)
  • The Careless Atom, by Sheldon Novick (1970)
  • Poisoned Power, by Gofinan and Tamplin (1971)
  • Low-Level Radiation, by Ernest Sternglass (1972)

The Walt Patterson Collection is located at our Wroughton library.

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