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Science Museum Publications


A fun, interactive book with pop-up scenes and press-out robots.

X-treme X-ray

View the world inside out with this book of incredible X-ray photography.

Greetings Earthlings!

Spectacular space Poems by Brian Moses and James Carter.

How Loud can you Burp?

Why do we get hiccups? What are clouds for? Big questions answered!

Stuff that scares your PANTS off!

The Science Museum book of Scary Things (and ways to avoid them)

Do Try This At Home – Cook It!

Thirty utterly scrumptious recipes and lots of amazing science facts along the way...

Do Try This At Home

Amazing home experiments, ably demonstrated by the Punk Science comedy team.


Space jokes with cosmic characters and silly humour sure to have kids in stitches.

Why is Snot Green?

Do rabbits fart? What is space made of? Where does all the water go at high tide?

The Rudiments of Wisdom

Think of a question, any question and you'll probably find the answer here.

Evolution, nature and stuff

Trace the history of life right back to our earliest ancestors - but miss out the boring bits!

Space, black holes and stuff

Black holes, planets, solar flares and red dwarfs, with no boring bits!

Science for the Nation

A unique look at the history of a great national institution.

Your Planet Needs You!

Your planet needs you so take action before its too late! Advice for eco-friendly kids.

Train Your Brain: Brainbusters

Over 100 fiendish puzzles to give your grey cells a workout

Everything you need to know about SCIENCE

Fire your imagination with this wonderful single-volume science encyclopedia.

Really, Really Big Questions About Space and Time

A fun, illustrated approach to open children’s minds and get them thinking.

Apollo 11

Join the Apollo crew on the trip of a lifetime!