Do Try This At Home

Learn how to make a fizz bang rocket or a helicopter in this very funny book packed with dozens of amazing, easy-to-do home experiments, ably demonstrated by the Science Museum’s own Punk Science comedy team.

Do Try This At Home

Punk Science

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Publication date: October 2008

Hello we're Jon, Dan and Brad and together we make up Punk Science. What do Punk Science do? We're a dynamic trio who live and breathe experiments, not literally of course we breathe air, if we didn't we'd die, which would make doing experiments extremely tricky.

We're here in depths of the Science Museum in London trying things out all the time, we also perform the odd science show, not a science show that is odd but odd as in we don't do them very often, however saying that when we do them they do tend to be a bit odd. Forget that!

What do you have to do to be a Punk Scientist? Start with some sitting around then some burping, then some thinking about stuff and then some more sitting around and when all that important business is done with it's time to do some experimenting. We love doing experiments and we want everyone else to join in and do experiments too. Not everyone doing the same experiment at the same time because that would mean thousands of people getting in each others way, stepping on each others toes and everyone at the back wouldn't be able to see. What we mean is you being able to do the same experiments as we do but at home and whatever time you feel like doing them. If only there was some way of doing that...

There is a way. We've written a book, called Do Try This At Home. It's out in October 2008. You can buy Do Try This At Home online at the Science Museum shop.