Tim Hunkin’s The Rudiments of Wisdom

An A-Z of Random, Peculiar and Fascinating Facts

Cat licking its bottom

The Rudiments of Wisdom

The Rudiments of Wisdom

By Tim Hunkin

Publication date: 1st October 2009

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How does hypnosis work? What is chocolate made of? And what do crocodiles eat for lunch?

Think of a question, any question and you'll probably find the answer here. Re-discovered and revived in Technicolor, this title features Tim Hunkin's entertaining and off-the-wall series of cartoons which originally appeared in "The Sunday Observer" magazine between 1973 and 1987. Squeezed into each intricately drawn comic strip is a wealth of weird and wonderful information, as well as crazy tricks and practical experiments. Whether you immerse yourself from A-Z or dip in and out, you're sure to emerge with some amazing, crazy and fascinating facts to wow your friends.

Tim Hunkin is a multi-talented writer, cartoonist, and inventor. Famous for his offbeat sense of humour, his unique style is instantly recognizable. He has also made fireworks in the shape of sheep and pigs for the rock group Pink Floyd, written TV shows and his work can be seen in the Secret Life of the Home gallery in the Science Museum.