Science for the Nation

A unique look at the history of the Science Museum. Edited by Peter J.T. Morris, Principal Curator at the Science Museum.

Science and the Nation
Science for the Nation

Edited by Peter J.T. Morris

Publication date: April 2010

Science for the Nation is a unique look at the history of a great national institution as well as a study of the changing roles of museums and the perceived public role that a museum of science and technology plays within a larger society. It illuminates the ways in which we think about the collecting and display of scientific objects, and explores the changing and often difficult relations between the state, business and industry, and museum funding. The essays also examine the Science Museum in the context of other national museums in London, and show the key differences affecting their chosen paths and individual development.

Peter J.T. Morris is Principal Curator of Science at the Science Museum and Head of Research across the Science Museum Group family of museums. He has published widely on the history of chemistry and the chemical industry and is currently completing a history of synthetic rubber in Germany. Morris is also editor of the leading history of chemistry journal, Ambix. He was given the Edelstein Award for excellence in the history of chemistry by the American Chemical Society in 2006.