Science for the Nation

A unique look at the history of the Science Museum.
Edited by Peter J.T. Morris, Principal Curator at the Science Museum.

Science and the Nation

Cover of Science for the Nation
Edited by Peter J.T. Morris

Publication date: April 2010

Science for the Nation: Perspectives on the History of the Science Museum explores the story of the Science Museum and how it has provided ‘science for the nation’ through its many exhibitions and collections. 

It retraces the history of the museum showing how it has ‘shaped many people’s very concept of science’ and how its collections have inspired ‘young visitors to become scientists’. 

Five chronological chapters together explore the origins and changing fortunes of the Museum up to the Millennium; these are complemented by a further eight that work thematically, revealing aspects such as the Museum’s developing display conventions and the growth of the collections. 

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This book will be fascinating for people who work in museums but also for anyone interested in learning more about how a museum works, and the story behind the scenes of how the Science Museum became the great institution it is today. 

'Successful in commemorating the Science Museum as an internationally important institution [...] It is a fitting and varied testament to the museum's first century and a half.'
(Richard Dunn, BJHS)  

'Science for the Nation is more than a chronological account of the museum's history, fascinating as that story is.  It also includes chapters on the museum staff and its library, buildings, collections, exhibitions and visitors...It is also an account of change...It is constantly changing and evolving, much like science itself.'
(E & T) 

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