X-treme X-ray

See the world inside out!

Skeleton on roller skates

By Nick Veasey

Publication date: 4th March 2010

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This book offers a fascinating opportunity to literally view the world inside out. Each page presents an object, person or animal as seen through the X-ray lens, penetrating to the very core of physical matter. The wealth of diverse and appealing subject-matter includes humans, buildings, forms of transport, animals, food and technology. Combined with each image are intriguing facts that shed light on both the X-rayed object and the X-ray process itself. This title offers an engrossing visual feast that is perfect for curious young minds.

Award-winning photographer Nick Veasey uses a variety of specialised imaging equipment to create images that see within. His studio is a converted Cold War RADAR station situated at the highest point in Kent, England. Nick wears lead underpants.