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3D: printing the future

Imagine a world without limits, where any object can be produced at the drop of a hat. Discover how innovators use 3D printers to turn computer data into physical objects that could change your life. 

This new Science Museum touring exhibition includes an explosion of over 600 designs, revealing how 3D printers inspire creativity and ground-breaking innovation. 

Find out what 3D printing will do for you. 


Drawn by Light

Revealing the stories behind some of the most famous photographers and their works, the Science Museum’s new touring exhibition, Drawn by Light:The Royal Photographic Society Collection, features exquisite landscapes, still lives, nudes, portraits, photo-reportage and composites from some of the art’s most important practitioners, from William Fox Talbot to Ansel Adams and Madame Yevonde to Edward Weston.

Discover how photography has shaped our perception of the world