Facts and figures

Find out more about the Museum and our visitors.

Night-time view of the main Science Museum building
  • The UK’s most popular destination dedicated to science, technology, engineering, medicine, design and enterprise.
  • As the home of public engagement with science, we combine our unparalleled collection of historical objects with cutting-edge technology and contemporary science news and debate, to help our visitors make sense of the science that shapes their lives and to inspire the next generation of scientists.
  • We welcome over 3 million visitors every year. That includes over 450,000 young people who visit the Science Museum on an educational trip or benefit from its outreach programme, more than any other UK museum, and 1.5 million coming as part of a family visit. We also reach 100,000 young scientists each year via educational outreach visits across the UK.
  • Our award-winning, innovative website receives over 12 million visits every year, reflecting and enhancing gallery and exhibition content and delivering learning resources to teachers and schools to ensure access to the Museum, whether in person or online, is available to the widest possible audience. 

Professor Stephen Hawking, who last visited the museum in November 2013 for the launch of its Collider exhibition, said: 

“The Science Museum helped fuel my fascination with physics. So it is wonderful to see that more young people than ever are getting the opportunity to feel that same inspiration. The museum is one of my favourite places. I have been coming here for decades. And that simple fact, in itself, tells quite a story.”

Of our 3.1 million general visitors in 2012/13:

  • 52% are male, 48% are female
  • 36% are children aged 0-15, 64% are adults (aged 16+)
  • 51% of visitors visit in a family group, 35% are independent adults and 14% are education groups
  • 36% are overseas visitors, 64% are from the UK
  • 42% come from London and the South East
  • 99% of visitors enjoyed their visit and found it interesting
  • 95% said that their visit was good value for money
  • 97% say they would recommend the Museum to friends
  • 83% would visit again
  • 87% say that their visit brought science and technology alive for them
  • 89% said they learnt something new during their visit

“As a kid I loved coming to the Science Museum. It was really where I got my first interest in science and technology in a real way. The Science Museum inspired me to pursue science as a career and ultimately to become an astronaut. Careers in science are fantastic - I was lucky enough to become an astronaut, but even if I had not been I would still want to work within the realms of science.”
– British astronaut, Piers Sellers