Prototype products that Mark has designed for the Museum.

Mark Champkins is our Inventor in Residence

Mark's job is to design a new range of Science Museum products, drawing inspiration from the Museum's public collection and archives. He is also tasked with tweeting, blogging and talking about science, design and invention, and communicating his love of the subjects.

Mark Champkins

Mark is a former British Inventor of the Year, and is responsible for creating, amongst other things, self-heating crockery, healthy 'fruit-friendly' lunchboxes, voting rulers, school bags that cushion school chairs and even 'pre-chewed' pencils.

Mark started out studying manufacturing engineering and product design, before starting a business called Concentrate, which designs and produces a range of products that help pupils to concentrate in lessons. The products ensure students are comfortable, hydrated, and able to pay attention in class, and they're available at our online shop.

Mark successfully pitched the business on BBC Dragons Den and won investment from entrepreneur Peter Jones.

In 2011, he wrote The Big Book of Celebrity Inventions, describing the inventions that prominent public figures have either patented or would love to see. These include shoes patented by Michael Jackson, a drum tuning device invented by Marlon Brando and other inventions by Jamie Lee Curtis, Charlie Sheen, Harry Hill, Jamie Oliver and Margaret Thatcher.

In October he launched the What's Your Problem competition, in which he'll invent a solution to an annoying everyday problem suggested by a museum visitor. Read an interview with Mark from our blog.

Since May 2011, he has produced a number of prototype products for the Museum:

  • A magnetic chopping board that aids chopping (by holding the end of the knife down), holds down mixing bowls, and can be used as knife rack after use.
  • Inspired notepad, mixes black pages with the musings of famous scientists and inventors.
  • Invention Timeline Ruler
  • iGramo - inspired by museum collection, the gramophone could be a £5-10 product to amplify i-phones
  • Levitating Cutlery