New galleries

From maths to space to big ideas, find out about the new galleries that will be launched at the Science Museum in the future.

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 Maths Maths
Maths is the universal language that helps us understand the sub-atomic to the cosmological. Aimed at adults and older children, the new gallery will examine maths through both nature's patterns and machines, show how maths rules the world, and explore the fear of maths inherent in so many of us.
 Spectacular science Spectacular science
Celebrating the Museum's unsurpassed historical collections, this new gallery will explore the central role played by spectacle and display in 18th and 19th century science, from astronomy, electricity and chemical experiments to natural history specimens.
 Big ideas Big ideas
Exploring the biggest ideas in science and how they shape our understanding of the world around us. Through examining principles like atomic theory to natural selection to gravity, the new gallery will bring to life the fundamental science behind these powerful discoveries.
 Medical galleries Medical galleries
The world's most outstanding medical galleries will tell the stories of the past, present and future of healing from birth to death. They will explore the roots, culture and practice of medicine and examine what it means to be a patient, healer and carer in the 21st century.
 Space Space
 The new Space gallery will tell the complete story of exploring the universe. With more space for larger objects, it will examine the future of human spaceflight, space tourism, the psychology of space travel and how we might bridge the vast interstellar distances between planets.