New galleries

From maths to medicine to a new interactive gallery, find out about the big changes coming to the Science Museum in the next few years.

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Medicine galleries
We will bring our medical science collection to life by creating the world’s greatest medicine galleries across much of the first floor of the Museum. The ground-breaking suite of new galleries and associated public programme will tell the stories of the people who made, used and were affected by the objects in our unrivalled collection and explore how our lives have been transformed by changes in medicine and health over the past 400 years.
Research centre
Our new research centre will provide a world-class environment for academic research and a greater connection between the Museum’s objects and its library and archive collections. Based within the Dana Centre in the Museum's Wellcome Wolfson building, it will be open to the public as well as to university, special interest and enthusiasts’ groups.
Mathematics gallery
The work of mathematicians is all around us in powerful and surprising ways, from aerospace to finance, gambling to warfare and much more. The new mathematics gallery will harness our world-class mathematics and computing collections to reveal the remarkable stories of mathematicians, their tools and ideas, and the wider world their work has underpinned since the 17th century.
  Interactive gallery
Our new interactive gallery will inspire children and adults to explore science, technology and maths, making sense of scientific phenomena and drawing on the sense of awe and wonder they create. Providing drama, spectacle and large-scale immersive experiences, the gallery will get more people excited about science and challenge their perceptions of it.