Andrew Scott to be Acting Director of NMSI


The National Museum of Science & Industry (NMSI) has today (22 September 2009) announced the appointment of Andrew Scott as Acting Director following the dismissal of Molly Jackson.

Ms Jackson was dismissed following questions that were raised about whether she had followed the NMSI’s Code of Conduct on potential conflicts of interest in her business dealings. Although Ms Jackson made no financial gain, she was found to have made a serious error of judgement in handling a perceived conflict of interest and to have failed to discharge the specific responsibilities she had as Accounting Officer.

Lord Waldegrave, Chairman of NMSI, said:

“This is a great shame because until this Molly Jackson had done a very good job for NMSI. However, in allowing a perceived conflict of interest to develop, she clearly fell short of the high standards expected of her as Accounting Officer and under our own Code of Conduct.”

The Trustees of NMSI will recruit a permanent Director in due course.  Andrew Scott takes up the position of Acting Director with immediate effect. Mr Scott has over 15 years of experience within NMSI as Director of the group’s National Railway Museum in York and as a member of NMSI’s senior management team.


For press enquiries please contact the press office on 020 7942 4352 / 4328 / 4357.

Notes to Editors

1. Andrew Scott has been Director of the National Railway Museum (NRM) since 1994 and is a member of the senior management team of the National Museum of Science & Industry which comprises the Science Museum in London, National Media Museum in Bradford and the National Railway Museum.  He is a Fellow of the Museums Association and a Chartered Civil Engineer. Andrew Scott has managed museums for more than 25 years, previously heading the London Transport Museum (1988-94) and Bradford Industrial Museum (1986-88).  Prior to this his civil engineering career had seen him involved in the design and project management of major civil engineering schemes in West Yorkshire and Tyneside.

2. The NMSI family of museums presents and cares for some of the greatest collections of their kind in the world.  The six million artefacts under its stewardship cover the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine, transport, visual media and related arts.  They range from Crick and Watson’s original DNA model to Stephenson’s Rocket, from the Flying Scotsman to John Logie Baird’s original television apparatus.  Each year NMSI museums attract a total of over four million visitors.  NMSI is a Non-Departmental Public Body sponsored by the Department of Culture Media and Sport.