What's On at the Science Museum April/May


NEW - Palaces exhibit
2 April – 28 July 2012
Palaces is a participatory artwork made from thousands of milk teeth donated by children around the UK. Standing two metres high, the sculpture resembles a coral castle under water. Designed by artist Gina Czarnecki, the aim of the project is to raise questions about consent and the reuse of human tissues in medical research, as well as to draw attention to sources of stem cells in the body.

Intersections exhibition
4 April-June 2012 FREE
Art and mathematics are brought together in a new display of Henry Moore’s stringed sculptures which will go on show in the museum’s Mathematics gallery. The four artworks: Mother and Child 1938, Stringed Figure 1939, Stringed Ball 1939 and Stringed Figure 1938/60 take direct inspiration from the mathematical models in the gallery which include colourful polyhedra, topological and surface models.
NEW - Signs, Symbols Secrets: an illustrated guide to alchemy
26 April to April 2013 FREE
The exhibition will feature 20 rare books and 2 illustrated manuscripts from the Museum’s Library and Archives collections. In addition objects from the Wellcome and Chemistry collections will be displayed including a rare alchemical scroll.

NEW - Universe of Sound
23 May – 8 July 2012 FREE
A ‘virtual’ Philharmonia Orchestra will take up residence at the Science Museum. An immersive digital installation will employ the latest digital and interactive technologies to reveal the inner workings of each orchestral section and invite the public to interact, create and explore. The project will include a live performance of The Planets, the commission of a new work to allow the audience to develop their own musical journey, and workshops.

NEW - Oxford Brookes
16 April - June 2012, FREE
Headed by the Movement Science Group, this is a study into the walking characteristics of the museum’s large and diverse visitor population. Visitors will be able to discuss with researchers the idea of ‘movement prints’ – that each human has a unique movement pattern and way of walking. Visitors will be able to find out their individual walking pattern, and will be able to compare their walk to a chimpanzee and T-rex. 

New - Codebreaker – Alan Turing’s life and legacy
21 June – May 2013
A special exhibition celebrating the centenary of the birth of Alan Turing, supported by Google, opens in June 2012. This biographical exhibition explores Turing’s inspirational story and examines his profound influence on the fields of code-breaking, computing, mathematics, artificial intelligence and biology. The life and legacy of Alan Turing will be told using objects (including some which have never been on public display), archival material, interactive exhibits, photographs and quotations.

Make it in Great Britain
24 July – 9 September 2012
The Make it in Great Britain exhibition is taking place at the Science Museum to celebrate the best of British manufacturing. Led by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the exhibition will highlight the successes of the manufacturing sector, show the true face of British manufacturing and encourage young people to consider a career within the industry. http://makeitingreatbritain.bis.gov.uk/


Stephen Hawking: A 70th birthday celebration
Until 9 April 2012 FREE
The display celebrates Stephen Hawking’s 70th birthday and his life and achievements and features objects and papers primarily sourced from Hawking’s own archives. Featuring two main strands on Professor Hawking’s scientific work and public profile, the display also features audio, specially recorded by Professor Hawking for the exhibition and a projection of photographs from his life and career, many previously unseen. Plus, a new iPad portrait of Hawking by David Hockney.

Me in 3D
Until 10 April 2012, FREE
The Craniofacial team from Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College Hospital and the Eastman Dental Hospital and Institute ask visitors to help them with a study investigating the structure of different faces. How are our faces constructed? How does one face differ from others? Visitors can have their photograph taken in 3D and explore what they look like in another dimension. The photographs will form part of a database of 3D images. This will be the largest database of its kind in the world and could help treat patients with facial disfigurement in the future.

Suzanne Treister – HEXEN 2.0
March 7 – 30 April 2012, FREE
March 2012 sees the UK premiere exhibition ‘HEXEN 2.0’ by celebrated British artist Suzanne Treister. HEXEN 2.0 is an exhibition of large-scale drawings or ‘diagrams’ and a set of re-imagined Tarot cards, which chart the coming together of diverse scientific and social sciences. The work represent links identified by Treister’s research into the development of cybernetics, social engineering, the history and future of computing and the internet, the rise of Web 2.0 and mass intelligence gathering. HEXEN 2.0 is a sequel to Treister’s acclaimed HEXEN 2039.

Chilean Rescue Capsule goes on display
Until 13 May 2012, FREE
Discover the technology behind the Chilean mine rescue of October 2010. The Science Museum displays one of five of the capsules built for the rescue mission of 33 miners who were trapped underground at the San José mine in Chile. Learn about the amazing rescue operation and see at close range the 3.9m steel capsule, designed by the Chilean Navy and built by Chilean Navy engineers that rescued the men from the mine 700m below after they were trapped for 69 days.


A Cockroach Tour of the Museum
A project by art collective Superflex. Visitors take on the form of cockroaches, dressing up in realistic costumes to begin a journey through the Museum, exploring the impact on the climate of scientific and technological developments from the perspective of one of the oldest, most resilient life forms on the planet. The humorous tour will take visitors through the Museum’s world-class galleries. Superflex is a group of artists and designers whose work highlight global issues and to suggest and generate alternative ideas and solutions. The Cockroach Tours are every Saturday and Sunday until August 2012. To book a place call: 0870 870 4868.


(Over 18s only)
At this adults-only evening you can have the Science Museum, its world-class collections and interactive galleries, all to yourself and enjoy special events, music and a bar all evening. Adults can also enjoy shameless playtime in the famous interactive Launchpad without having to let the kids go first!

The next two Lates will be on…
Wednesday 28 March – theme is ‘The Future’
Wednesday 25 April – theme is ‘Mental Health’

For more information on Lates visit www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/lates


Design a Hero (-7)
Weekdays only, 2nd- 13th April, 11.00 – 11.20
Take part in the activities, join in this free drop-in workshop and decipher clues to find the hidden heroes inside your home.
Located in Agriculture, first floor

A Star is Born! (-7)
Weekdays only, 2nd- 13th April, 13.30 – 14.00
Twinkle twinkle little star, Lets find out what you are! Join us on a journey of a lifetime - the lifetime of a star. From stellar nurseries to glittering galaxies. (25 places)
Located in the Energy gallery, second floor

Icy Cool Adventure (-7)
Weekends only, 31st March – 15th April, 11.00 – 11.20
Explore the wondrous wintry world of Iceland in this fun, interactive storytelling session with egg-sploding volcanoes, giant glaciers and a little bit of imagination! (25 places)
Launchpad Briefing Room, third floor

Spaced Out (5+)
Weekends only, 31st March – 15th April, 13.30 - 14.00
Ever wondered what it would be like to travel into Space? Find out in our interactive tour of the egg-sploring Space gallery as you discover roaring rockets, amazing astronauts, smelly space poo, and much more (45 places).
Exploring Space Gallery, ground floor

Easter Inventor Challenge (7+)
Weekends only, 31st March – 15th April, 15.00 – 16.00
We challenge you to use your problem-solving skills and build a mystery object. Think you’ve got what it takes? Find out at this drop-in workshop.
Agriculture gallery, first floor

SIGNtific – Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles! (-7)
Saturday 7th April, 15.30 - 16.00
Deaf-led event (25 places)
Launchpad Briefing Room, third floor

SIGNtific – Icy Cool Adventure (-7)
Saturday 7th April, 13.30 – 14.00
Deaf-led event (25 places)
Launchpad Briefing Room, third floor


Antenna Live Science
Take part in real science experiments in our Live Science programme – an ongoing programme where people can volunteer to take part in cutting-edge experiments conducted by visiting scientists. All experiments are FREE and take place in the Live Science area on the first floor of the Wellcome Wing. The programme is suitable for visitors aged 7+. For more information visit www.sciencemuseum.org.uk

Science Museum Live on Tour
The popular shows return to the stage with new experiments for 2012 following its hugely successful debut theatre tour last year. Inspired by the Science Museum’s hugely popular interactive galleries, this inventive family theatre show leads children and adults on an exploratory adventure into the wonderful world of science. Science Museum Live on Tour opened at London’s artsdepot on 27 January, and is currently visiting other venues nationwide until 17 May. (New dates for the period May to July soon to be announced).

Hidden Heroes – the genius of everyday things
9 November 2011 – 5 June 2012, Charges apply (£6, concessions £3.50)
We use them every day. They are so common that we rarely even think about them: the Hidden Heroes of everyday life. The Vitra Design Museum and Hi-Cone present 36 of these everyday classics, talking about their history and demonstrating the enormous significance they have today, both conceptually and economically.
This new show presents the objects together with patent specifications and drawings by their inventors, with print ads and advertising films – not only from today, but also from the time when the products were striving to become established.

Oramics to Electronica: Personal histories behind electronic music
Until December 2012, FREE
The ‘Oramics to Electronica: Revealing Histories of Electronic Music’, is dedicated to the birth of electronic music and how it’s influenced our music world. The exhibition displays the Oramics Machine and rarely seen archive footage. Personal stories will show how electronic sound has advanced, changed and was democratised from the 1950s through to the modern era, and people envisioned new sounds and pushed the boundaries of what was possible.

ANTENNA - Water Wars exhibition
Water Wars is an exhibition that investigates how engineers are developing technologies to secure enough water to prevent a global food crisis. Our population is rising at a staggering rate. And climate change is making matters worse... We need to act fast to secure enough water – and food – for the future.

Ten Climate Stories
Ten Climate Stories showcases artworks from established and emerging artists including Toaster Project, by Thomas Thwaites, Longplayer, by Jem Finer and Yao Lu's arresting images from the New Landscapes, as well as revealing hidden stories behind some of the museum's best-loved exhibits. Ten Climate Stories is part of the museum's three-year Climate Changing programme – a series of thought-provoking events that accompanies the atmosphere exploring climate science gallery.


Launchpad Science Shows
The largest free interactive science gallery in the UK, Launchpad is packed with exhibits which will allow visitors to launch a rocket, turn their head into a sound box and control a magnetic cloud. Catch one of the spectacular science shows performed by Explainers throughout the day. Ideal for children aged 8-14 years old.

Gallery tours (13+)
Flight, 13.00
(Third floor)
Exploring Space, 14.00 (Ground floor)
Making the Modern World, 15.00 (Ground floor)
(Tours available most days, please check with staff)
Discover the secrets behind some of the most significant items from the Science Museum’s collections in these fantastic gallery tours.

IMAX and 3D Experiences
If you'd like to see more than just one film during your visit to the Science Museum IMAX 3D Cinema then make sure you take advantage of our special deal which allows you to watch a second movie for half price!

Born to be Wild 3D (U)
Hubble 3D
Wild Ocean 3D
Deep Sea 3D
Sea Monsters 3D
Fly me to the Moon 3D
Space Station 3D

Fly Zone
Charges apply
Visit the brand new Fly Zone simulator area where you take control in 360° flight simulators or fly with the Red Arrows in our sensational 3D motion simulation theatre. And, don’t forget to visit Fly Café to refuel before taking off again.

Legend of Apollo – the ultimate 4D simulation theatre
Charges apply
See, hear, feel and even smell what it would be like to venture into space with a ride in the Science Museum’s extraordinary multi-sensory experience. The film draws on actual Apollo archival footage, recent satellite imagery of the Moon and exceptional 3D computer animation. 

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