ZombieLab: Delve into the mind of a Zombie at the Science Museum


Imagine the world in the grip of a zombie outbreak. A desperate society would turn to scientists for answers. Beginning on the evening of Wednesday 30 January at Lates and continuing over the weekend of the 2/3 February, ZombieLab will encourage visitors to explore the science of consciousness while evading the zombie horde. 

ZombieLab, a free, three day event for ages 15+ at the Science Museum, features over 15 interactive experiences, including a Zombie Academy, collective behaviour experiments, hands-on demonstrations by leading consciousness researchers and the live criminal trial of a zombie – all designed to educate, surprise and fascinate while exploring consciousness and the scientific and social implications of a zombie attack. 

Dr Daniel Bor, a neuroscientist at the University of Sussex and one of a range of experts involved in developing the programme of events, said: “The Science Museum has come up with a gem of an idea to use those popular iconic beings, zombies, to explore the science of consciousness.” 

“This intimate yet profound research field is highly relevant to a range of medical issues and ethical questions, and I'm excited to be helping explain some of the science behind consciousness at ZombieLab.”

Although described as the ‘citadel of the senses’ by Dr Bor and home to our sense of self, our scientific understanding of consciousness is still relatively new. ZombieLab will examine recent advances in consciousness research, including how the study of conscious experience can help our understanding of how we percieve the world.

Notes to Editors

ZombieLab is co-produced by the Science Museum and Trigger Stuff Ltd. The interactive experiences at ZombieLab include:

The Trial: Visitors form a Community Jury to decide the outcome in two critical Zombie test cases

Quarantine: Prove you’re not a zombie by complete the tasks to show you’re fully conscious 

Horde: Can you survive the outbreak by hiding in the horde? Collective behaviour experts will put you through your paces in a zombie predator-prey game.

Escape: It’s easy to outwit one zombie, but what happens when 40 people try to do it at the same time? Test your theory of mind in this mass-participation game.

Pro-Zombie Action Group: Pro-Zombie activists will be recruiting visitors to stand up for zombie rights with banners, speeches and impromptu demonstrations.

Event details

Where: Science Museum 

When: 30 Jan and 2-3 February 

Times: 18:45-22:00 (30 Jan) & 12:00 – 17:00 (2-3 Feb) 

Cost: Free

Who: For ages 15+

To request interviews, or for further information and images, please contact Will Stanley in the Press Office on 020 7942 4429. 

Experts available for interviews: 

Dr. Daniel Bor is a neuroscientist and author based at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex. His research focuses on the importance of attention, memory and problem solving in consciousness, and he published a popular science book on the field, ‘The Ravenous Brain’, in 2012.