Mend a Broken Heart at the Science Museum’s February Lates with MasterCard


We’re getting right to the heart of the matter this month as the Science Museum’s Lates with MasterCard explores Mending Broken Hearts on Wednesday 27th February, 18.45 – 22.00. 

In collaboration with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), we’ll explore how a heart can repair itself, the history of heart surgery and what we can learn from the zebrafish. Visitors can also join a tour of our full size operating theatre with a heart surgeon and discover how to save a life in CPR taster sessions at this month’s heart-warming Lates.

Where: Science Museum 

When: 27 February 2013  

Times:      18:45-22:00  

Cost:   Free

Who: For ages 18+


Training cells to beat, Meet at Apollo 10 Capsule, Ground Floor

19.30-20.00, 20.15-20.45, 21.00-21.30

The 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to two scientists who discovered cells could be taken from anywhere in the body and reprogrammed for another use. This talk discusses how the discovery is being applied to new heart treatments.

Mending broken hearts, Lecture Theatre, Ground Floor

19.30-20.00, 20.15-20.45, 21.00-21.30

How would you cure heart disease? Three scientists present their ideas and try to convince you that their science deserves your funding. Hosted by Guardian science correspondent and BBC presenter Alok Jha.

Photo booth: Harvey the heart patient, Making the Modern World, Ground Floor

All night

Take your picture alongside Harvey, the life sized manikin in need of heart surgery. Created by the University of Miami, Harvey allowed surgeons to train under realistic conditions. 

Copying nature: heart regeneration, Opposite Agriculture, First Floor

19.30-20.00, 20.15-20.45, 21.00-21.30

Some animals have the amazing ability to regenerate damaged parts of their body. Could an understanding of how they do it lead to new ways to treat damaged heart tissue?

CPR Training, meet in Measuring time, First Floor

19.15-19.30, 19.45-20.00, 20.15-20.30, 20.45-21.00, 21.15-21.30

How would you handle a life or death situation? Medical experts from the BHF will be on hand to teach you all you need to know about CPR so that you're ready should the worst ever happen.

Medical Marvels, Oramics to Electronica, First Floor

All night

Museum curators will be on hand to show off rarely seen objects from our medical collection and answer your questions.

Teaching the heart to repair itself, meet in In Future, Second Floor

20.15-20.45, 21.00-21.30

Paul Riley from the University of Oxford discusses how his groundbreaking research could lead to new treatments for irreparably damaged tissue after a heart attack. Paul Riley is BHF Professor of Regenerative Medicine 

Warning signs, Flight, Third Floor

19.30 - 19.50, 20.15 - 20.35, 21.00 - 21.20

Find out how BHF advertising campaigns have shocked the public into looking after the old ticker.

Making cuts, Operating theatre in Glimpses of Medical History, Fourth Floor

19.30-19.50, 20.10-20.30, 20.50-21.10

Top heart surgeon Gianni Angelini gives a tour of the Science Museum's reconstructed operating theatre and talks you through an operation in this interactive Q&A. Gianni Angelini is BHF Professor of Cardiac Surgery

Medical trail, The Science and Art of Medicine, Fifth Floor

All night

Take our trail of highlights through the Science and art of medicine gallery and meet some scientists along the way. There are even prizes to be won.

Other activities include:

Cockroach Tours, Meet at the front of Making the Modern World gallery, Ground Floor

20.00-20.30, 21.00-21.30

Put yourself in their shells. Take a Cockroach Tour of the Science Museum and get a quirky and inquisitive take on the human race.

Speed Dating, Launchpad City, Third Floor


This could be your chance to meet the person of your dreams. There’s also a free drink thrown in for all daters. Limited numbers, buy tickets early to avoid disappointment. Charge £10. Tickets can be purchased from the main ticket desk on the ground floor. 

Silent Disco, Exploring Space, Ground Floor


Whether you’re practising your moves or just in the mood to slam dunk the funk, grab a headset, select your tunes and dance until you drop. The Science Museum does not accept any responsibility for the quality of some of the moves you will see this evening. 

Teaching Zone, Who Am I? 


Teachers, join us for bite-sized training, demos and fun entertainment over a glass or two of wine with nibbles. Meet other teachers and discover more of the Science Museum's great learning resources.

Punk Science, IMAX Cinema


In this month’s Punk Science comedy spectacular we’ll attempting to make the worlds largest heart and seeing if we can mend a broken heart live on stage. So, if you’re the kind of person who’s stupid enough to attend a lecture given by idiots, this is the show for you.

The Pub Quiz, Deep Blue Diner


Come to our Pub Quiz. It’s now an institution, with fantastic treats for the winners. Losers get directions to the library for extra swotting. Places limited to 70 visitors. Charge £2.

Launchpad, Third Floor

All Evening

You remember it well from when you were nine... and if you don’t, now’s your chance to discover what you missed. Exercise your brain through interactive science fun with no kids between you and the big red buttons. 

Fly with the Red Arrows in Fly Zone

All Evening (charges apply)

Discover the thrill of flying in the cockpit of a Red Arrows jet in our breathtaking Red Arrows 3D flight simulation theatre. Half-price Lates special offer – £3 per ride. £5 combination tickets available for Red Arrows 3D and Legend of Apollo 4D. 

MasterCard Priceless London desk, Making the Modern World


The MasterCard Priceless London team are offering MasterCard cardholders exclusive access to a range of popular events throughout the evening on a first-come first-served basis. Drink vouchers are also available for the first 100 MasterCard cardholders who sign up on tonight. Come and see us to find out more!

Experts available for interviews include: 

Professor Paul Riley, BHF Professor of Regenerative Medicine, University of Oxford

Professor Gianni Angelini, BHF Chair of Cardiac Surgery, Bristol Heart Institute and the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College, London.

Professor Chris Denning, University of Nottingham


For all media enquiries, please contact or call on 020 7942 4353.

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