Science Museum displays 3D Printed Gun


A 3D printed gun will be showcased to the public for the first time today, Tuesday 9 July, at the Science Museum. 

The world’s first 3D printed gun was recently created and fired in the US. The gun on display at the Science Museum is the first known version of this design to be fired in Europe.

The gun will be on display in the Museum’s Antenna gallery and will explore the issues surrounding the availability of information on the internet and the implications for design-sharing, home manufacturing, intellectual property and freedom of speech.

Finnish journalist Ville Vaarne downloaded a design for the plastic Liberator gun from the internet. He then arranged for the individual parts to be printed on a 3D printer from Aalto University, Finland. The gun was later assembled at a school for gunsmiths, who have a licence to manufacture firearms. The assembled gun broke while firing its initial shot. This is likely to be because a bullet calibre was more powerful than the gun barrel could withstand. The gun has now been permanently deactivated and can never be fired again. 

Pippa Hough, Exhibition Developer, Science Museum said, “We are hoping this gun  will really get people talking about 3D printing and its many possible applications, as well as the wider question of whether we should be able to download anything from the internet.”

The gun will be the focus of an exhibit entitled, Should you be able to download anything? in the Antenna gallery at the Science Museum from 9 July. It will then become part of an exhibition opening on 9 October - 3D: Printing the Future which looks at the rapidly evolving area of 3D printing and its impact on society.

Visitors can also take part in a whole summer of 3D activities at the Science Museum from 25 July – 1 September.


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