Explore speed at the Science Museum’s July Lates with MasterCard


This month, we’re on the fast track to the science of speed. Build and race your own speed machine, meet the UK racing car entered into the World Solar Challenge, discuss free running with the experts and listen to talks on the speed of communication at the Science Museum July Lates with MasterCard on Wednesday 31st July, 18.45 – 22.00. 

You can take part in all the Lates activities highlighted below: 

World Solar Challenge

Meet the UK’s number-one contender for the World Solar Challenge 2013 and the team from Cambridge University Eco Racing. Speak to members of the 60-strong student team and see how their innovative design is capable of reaching motorway speeds with the power of a hairdryer. 

Rollapaluza Roller Racing 

Cycle 500 metres as fast as possible without going anywhere. It might sound crazy, but in fact it’s a 1940s craze called ‘Rollapaluza’. 

Speed Derby

Put your creative and engineering skills to the test and make your own speed machine. Have fun racing it down our custom-built track and competing for a prize. 

Faster than the Eye

Experimental illusionist Neil Monteiro gives a rare insight into the methods of the quickest card sharps and conjurors. See apparently impossible stunts of speed and reaction with demonstrations of the science behind the trickery. 

Free Running

Find out from the experts how they can jump from great heights and land without a scratch. Using their bodies and the world around them, these guys propel themselves through the streets at amazing speeds. 

Beep Test Challenge

We hope you’ve got your trainers on! This activity will push you to the beeping limit. Run against the beeps to see if you can beat the scores of the RAF, Royal Marines and British Army. 

Making Time: Slowness in a Speedy World

Science Museum Curator of Time David Rooney looks at the clocks that sped up our lives – and the timekeepers offering a slower alternative. From the girl with the golden voice to the Clock of the Long Now, time technology plays a crucial role in helping us navigate the modern world. 

Speed of Communication 

The increasing speed of communication technologies is intertwined with the experience of everyday life in today’s world. Tom Vandeputte from London Consortium will trace the history of live transmission and the dissemination of news via digital media and social networks. 

Punk Science: The Fast and the Spurious

Join Punk Science as they take you on a comical journey into the science of speed with quick-witted comedy and fast-paced science demonstrations. 

Speed Cup Stacking Challenge

You’ve seen the YouTube clips... now’s your chance to become the skilled cup-stacker you always wanted to be. Watch the experts and join in the fun. 

The Largactyl Shuffle’s ‘Festina Lente’ (Hurry Slowly) Tour

The Industrial Revolution brought about new technologies in transport and communication that have profoundly changed our lives. Discover how the modern pace of life affects our mental wellbeing in this tour developed by CoolTan Arts.

Making the Modern World gallery tour (BSL)

From the Steam Age to the Space Age, join us on a tour of our breathtaking gallery showcasing 150 of the most significant items from the Museum’s collections. This tour is suitable for deaf and hearing visitors. 

Other activities include:

Web Lab

Don’t miss your last chance to enter Web Lab, a series of interactive Chrome Experiments made by Google that bring the internet to life. Join online visitors to create music together and watch your portrait being drawn by a robot in this first-of-its-kind web-based exhibition. 

Launchpad & science shows

You remember it well from when you were nine... and if you don’t, now’s your chance to realise what you missed. Get involved with this interactive science gallery with no kids between you and the big red buttons to press. Join us for an interactive show exploring how rockets get into space or explore the volatile and explosive science of combustion in our two live science shows. 

Speed Dating

This could be your chance to meet the person of your dreams... or possibly nightmares. There’s also a free drink thrown in for all daters. Tickets cost £10 and can be purchased from the main desk.

Silent Disco

Whether you’re practising your moves or just in the mood to slam dunk the funk, grab a headset, select your tunes and dance until you drop. The Science Museum does not accept responsibility for the quality of some of the moves you will see this evening. 

The Pub Quiz

The monthly Pub Quiz is now an institution, with fantastic treats for the winners. Places are limited to 100 visitors. Charge £2, free to Corporate Members. 

MasterCard Priceless London desk

The MasterCard Priceless London team are offering MasterCard cardholders exclusive access to a range of popular events throughout the evening on a first-come-first-served basis. Drink vouchers are also available for the first 100 MasterCard cardholders who sign up on pricelesslondon.co.uk on the night. 

A Cockroach Tour of the Science Museum

Put yourself in their shells. Take a Cockroach Tour of the Science Museum and get a quirky and inquisitive take on the human race. 


For more information contact William Stanley, Science Museum Press Office on: 0207 942 4429 William.Stanley@sciencemuseum.org.uk


Wednesday 31st July, 18.45 – 22.00
Entry to Lates is FREE and no booking is necessary
Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2DD
0870 870 4868 | sciencemuseum.org.uk

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