2014 events and exhibitions: January - September


Science experiment: Fair Play (FREE)

11.00–13.00 & 14.00–17.00; every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
1st floor Wellcome Wing, Who am I? gallery
Duration: 10 minutes
Suitable for all ages

Join a real science experiment as researchers from Queen Mary, University of London carry out a series of games to investigate the psychology of fairness and cooperation. Come and take part, and help our scientists find out what makes us play fair – or not!

23 January 2014

Media Space event: Motion Perception Dialogue event (FREE)
Dana Centre

Join artist Matt Pyke, founder of Universal Everything, along with scientists and animators, as they explain how they use visual clues to identify human elements in the inanimate. 

Through an evening of discussion and workshops they will explore perception, recognition and re-creation of human form, from biological motion to the depths of the ‘uncanny valley’. How do we recognise biological forms? What elements are needed to transform the inanimate into characters with human characteristics? When do we make an emotional connection and why? This thought-provoking event will use a mixture of scientific reasoning and creative insight to try to discover the answers to these questions and more.

Free, booking essential
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

24 January 2014

Music Event: Kraftwerk Uncovered - A Future Past (charges apply)
First performance: 19.30–20.35
Repeat performance: 21.00–22.05
Duration 65 minutes (no interval)
IMAX Theatre

Following their highly successful Apollo tour, Icebreaker are turning their focus on another contemporary icon – Kraftwerk. Since their formation in 1970 the German group’s output has revolutionised music and influenced scores of musicians.

For this project, composer, producer and sound-scapist J. Peter Schwalm re-imagines tracks from a range of Kraftwerk albums to show off the group’s many different sounds – from early acoustic tracks to the by now iconic synthesized tunes.

Visual artists Sophie Clements and Toby Cornish create a new video work for this piece that evokes the era of avant garde film.

All tickets £19
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

29 January 2014

Lates – Collider: The World’s Greatest Experiment
Entry ticket not required
Ages 18+

Science Museum Lates with MasterCard explores the Large Hadron Collider and all things particle physics this month. We delve into the largest scientific experiment ever constructed, offering visitors the chance to see our new exhibition, Collider. Plus all the regular highlights of live music, a pub quiz, Punk Science comedy shows and the best silent disco in town.

Entry to Lates is free but a ticket is required for the Collider exhibition.
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

31 January 2014

Theatrical Event: Cabinet of Curiosities: How Disability Was Kept in a Box (charges apply)
IMAX Theatre
Suitable for all ages

Join critically acclaimed actor and performance artist Mat Fraser for a journey through the history of disability. His live act of comedy, cabaret and drama uses museum objects and their histories to prompt us to question our attitudes towards difference. Drawing on inspiration gained from sifting through the many objects, medical specimens, photographs and papers held in the collections of the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons, Royal College of Physicians and the Science Museum, Mat explores the part that medical advances and the development of the medical profession have historically played in shaping our present day perceptions of disability.

The performance will be BSL interpreted.

Tickets are £8
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

4 February 2014

Display: (FREE)
1st floor  Wellcome Wing, Who am I? gallery
Ages 11+

Science plays its part in distinguishing ‘boys’ from ‘girls’, but these gender labels are not inclusive of everyone. Explore a collection of objects which help us to express who we are or identify who we want to be.

8 February

Media Space Event: Billy Liar screening with David Alan Mellor in conversation
The Lecture Theatre

In John Schlesinger’s 1963 film, Billy Fisher tries to escape small-town life through lies, fantasy worlds and dreams of moving to London. Join curator, writer and Professor David Alan Mellor as he discusses the film, Tony Ray-Jones and cultural representations of 1960s Britain with Greg Hobson, curator of Only in England.

£6 (£4 concessions), booking essential
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

15 February

Media Space event: Unknown Empires Performance (charges apply)
First performance: 14.30–15.15
Second performance: 16.30–17.15
Virgin Media Studio, Media Space

Taking its cue from Tony Ray-Jones’s exploration of English leisure in the 1960s, this live multimedia performance brings to light the hidden subcultures of dance among older people in London today. The event explores a range of dance movements, including Balkan Folk Dance, Scottish Circle Dancing, Disco and Ballroom. Visitors are invited to learn some new dance steps and join this ongoing participatory research project by artist and Cubitt Education Director Daniel Baker.

Free, booking essential
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

18 - 20 February 2014

Half-Term event – 3D Printing (FREE)
11.00–13.00 & 14.00–16.00
Ground floor Wellcome Wing, Antenna gallery
Suitable for all ages

Topical and cutting-edge, explore the world of 3D printing during this live half-term event. Talk to the people behind the printing machines and examine their 3D printed objects, including the moving parts of a titanium bicycle.

26 February 2014

Lates – Bio Revolution (FREE)
Ages 18+

This month, the Science Museum’s Lates with MasterCard looks at the latest in biomedical research. The free evening also includes the regular highlights of speed dating, a pub quiz, Punk Science comedy show and the best silent disco in town.

Entry to Lates is free

1 March 2014

Symposium: First Person Plural: the Cult of the Photographer and the Culture of Social Media (charges apply)

In a contemporary response to Only in England, this symposium considers the changing nature of photography and its subjects in the age of the ‘selfie’ and social media. The event has been organised in collaboration with Film and Video Umbrella and contributors include Julie Henry, Natasha Caruana, James Bridle, Lucy Kimbell and 2013 Deutsche Börse photography prize winners Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. Writer, professor and critic will also be joined by Professor Julian Stallabrass from the Courtald Institute.

£15 (£8 concessions), booking essential
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

5 – 9 March 2014

Theatre event: Sound&Fury’s Going Dark (charges apply)
19.30: Wednesday – Sunday
14.30: Friday – Sunday
75 minutes (no interval)
Level 1
Ages 12+

Presented by Fuel
Written by Hattie Naylor in collaboration with Sound&Fury

Following two sold out runs at the Young Vic in 2011 and 2012, Sound&Fury’s mesmerizing Going Dark comes to the Science Museum this spring as part of a national tour, reawakening our wonder at the cosmos and revealing how one man’s vision becomes illuminated by darkness.

There will be post show talks after Wednesday 5 March evening and Friday 7 March matinee.

£20 (£15 concessions, £8 under 16’s & students), booking essential
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

3–11 April & 22 July–3 August: SM London
12 April–19 July: UK Tour

Theatre event: Science Museum Live: The Energy Show (Charges apply)
Various London & UK venues, times and prices: please visit www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/energyshow for full details
Ages 7+

Recognised by reviewers in 2013 as a ‘fantastic and brilliant must-see’, audiences will again have the opportunity to join futuristic science students Annabella and Phil as they race against time to prove their knowledge of energy through a series of live experiments. Featuring a virtual assistant named i-nstein and a steampunk workshop full of gadgets and chemicals, Annabella and Phil use liquid nitrogen, hydrogen rockets and electricity to create a dangerously exciting experience.

Produced exclusively by Science Museum Live, The Energy Show tour will travel to over 30 venues including the Royal & Derngate Theatre in Northampton, the Cliffs Pavilion Theatre at Southend and Spark Fest in Leicester. The Science Museum will be the first and last stop on the tour, with performances from 3–11 April and 22 July – 3 August 2014.

April 2014

Exhibition: James Lovelock Archives (title to be confirmed), FREE
First Floor galleries
Recommended for adults but suitable for all

A new exhibition celebrating the life and 70 year career of British scientist and inventor James Lovelock will open at the Science Museum on 9 April. Featuring highlights from a remarkable archive of material acquired by the Science Museum in 2012, the exhibition will include images of the scientist’s laboratory alongside notebooks, photographs, manuscripts and audio-visual material – providing a unique insight into Lovelock’s creative mind and remarkable achievements.

June 2014

Exhibition: ‘Disposal is the last resort’ (title to be confirmed)

What does a month’s worth of rubbish from a national museum look like? In this new exhibition, artist Joshua Sofaer will use 30 days’ worth of trash from the Science Museum to create a display that exposes the materials, the beauty, the value and the volume behind our ‘rubbish’. 

Part of the Climate Changing… Programme.

August 2014

Exhibition: Open for Business

Open for Business is the story of contemporary British manufacturing and industry told through the lens of nine Magnum photographers, including Martin Parr and Chris Steele-Perkins. Their photographs offer subjects that range from traditional handmade crafts to modern intelligent automation; from foundries and assembly lines to research laboratories and high tech cleanrooms, showing an economic sector of extraordinary resilience and diversity.

Visiting over 100 workplaces across the UK, photographs were contributed by Jonas Bendiksen, Stuart Franklin, Bruce Gilden, David Hurn, Peter Marlow, Martin Parr, Mark Power, Chris Steele-Perkins and Alessandra Sanguinetti.

Open for Business is a touring exhibition and the Science Museum will be the only stop in London.

September 2014

Gallery: Information Age (FREE)

A new £15.6m permanent gallery that will use sophisticated interactive displays and engaging participative experiences to reveal personal stories about how our lives have been transformed by communication innovations over the last 200 years.

The gallery will occupy the largest exhibition space in the Museum, and feature hundreds of unique objects from the Science Museum’s world class collections, many of which have never been seen before. Rare exhibits will include the extremely sensitive instruments which detected the first transatlantic telegraph messages in 1858, the BBC’s first radio transmitter 2LO, and a BESM-6, the only Russian supercomputer in a museum collection in the West.

Open now

Until Feb 2014

Media Space: Universal Everything & You (FREE)
Virgin Media Studio, Media Space

Universal Everything & You is a new digital installation of two artworks by art and design collective Universal Everything specially commissioned for the Virgin Media Studio.

The first work, 1000 Hands is created by contributions from the public through a smart phone app. In the gallery space it takes the form of a circular projection onto multiple screens, with each one showing an individual artwork generated by app users. Presence, the second work, is a collaboration with the LA Dance Project and has been created using motion captured performances of dancers which will be played back with evolving digital ‘costumes’.

Until Mar 2014

Media Space Exhibition: Only in England (charges apply)
Gallery, Media Space

Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr draws from the Tony Ray-Jones archive held at the National Media Museum. The exhibition also includes rarely-seen early black and white photographs by Martin Parr.

£8 (£5 concessions), booking essential
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

Until 5 May 2014

Exhibition: Collider (charges apply)
Suitable for 16+

Step into the heart of one of the greatest scientific experiments of our times: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Collider will use an immersive blend of theatre, video and sound art to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the CERN particle physics laboratory in the first exhibition of its kind, offering the closest experience possible to visiting the famous site itself.

Meet ‘virtual’ scientists and engineers from CERN while you snoop around their workbenches and examine LHC artefacts, including the 15-metre magnets that steer the particle beam. Then follow the journey of particle beams as they are injected into the accelerator chain, ramped up to speed and steered around the 27km LHC tunnel.

£10 (£7 concessions), booking essential
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

Until Jun 2014

Exhibition: 3D: printing the future (FREE)
Suitable for all ages

Replacement body organs, aeroplane parts and a music box. Come find these 3D printed objects and over 600 more on display in a new exhibition. Explore the rapidly evolving field of 3D printing and its growing impact on society through the key sectors in which the technology is driving innovation – industry, medicine and small-scale projects and businesses.

Until 12 Aug 2014

Exhibition: Mind Maps: Stories from psychology (FREE)
Recommended for adults

Stories of how mental health has been treated over the past 250 years, will be the focus of the new exhibition Mind Maps: Stories from psychology.

Divided into four episodes between 1780 and 2014, the exhibition will look at key breakthroughs in scientists’ understanding of mental health and the tools and methods of treatment that have been developed, from  Mesmerism to Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

The free exhibition will be illustrated through a rich display of objects from the Museum’s world-class medical collections as well as artworks and archive images.


IMAX film: Hidden Universe 3D (charges apply)
Ages 11+

Hidden Universe is a major new IMAX film that takes audiences on a tour of deep space in IMAX 3D. With real images of galaxies, Mars and the sun, taken with the most powerful telescopes in the world, visitors will have the chance to explore space and witness never before seen images of the surface of Mars.

£10 (£8 Concessions), family tickets available
Call 0870 780 4868 or visit any Science Museum ticket desk

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