Discover how transport has changed our world at the Science Museum’s Lates with MasterCard


Step back in time on a Routemaster bus, take part in the 1940s craze of Rollapaluza racing and see how travel has tested the limits of human endurance as this month’s Lates with MasterCard explores how transport has changed our world. We’ll also say happy 200th birthday to Puffing Billy, the world’s oldest surviving steam locomotive. Plus all the regular highlights of a pub quiz, silent disco and comedy show at the Science Museum’s Lates with MasterCard on Wednesday 26th March, 18.45 – 22.00

Lates features over 25 activities and talks including:

All Aboard the Routemaster
Step back in time and on to a 1959 restored Routemaster from the Aviva Heritage Fleet. You’ll get to hear about the Routemasters history and go for a ride around South Kensington.

From Compasses to Cars  
Across the sea or soaring through the sky, travel has tested the limits of human endurance, ambition and technology. See a special collection of objects which represent the challenges and excitement of travel over the last 150 years. 
Parachute Peril Workshop
Help transport some plucky LEGO figures or model animals by building a working parachute.  Can you beat everyone else and create the safest landing?

Rollapaluza Roller Racing 
Cycle 500 metres as fast as you can without going anywhere? It’s a craze from the 1940s and 1950s called Rollapaluza roller racing. See if it brings out the competitive streak in you. 

George Stephenson 
Meet George Stephenson, pioneering railway engineer and inventor of the world-famous Rocket locomotive. Hear how his curiosity about machines led him to become the ‘father of the railways’. 

Steam Dinosaurs 
Discover the history of the railway engine, with characters as diverse as a Cornish engineer and a County Durham Methodist, in a talk on the National Railway Museum’s collection. 

Gallery Tour of Making the Modern World 
From the Steam Age to the Space Age, join us on a tour of our breathtaking gallery showcasing 150 of the most significant items from the Museum’s collections. Suitable for deaf and hearing visitors.

Digital Doppelgängers 
Join ScanLAB Projects as they discuss the innovative techniques for capturing, visualising and experiencing 3D scan data, including our old Shipping Gallery. David Rooney, Curator of Time, Navigation and Transport will be on hand to answer questions about the Shipping Gallery.

Modelling London: How the Underground stations of the future are designed 
Hear and see what modelling tricks and techniques are used to design new or refurbished stations to last decades into the future and to meet the ever increasing demand for transport in the capital. 

Mind the Gap 
London’s future will be shaped by engineers and designers working underground. Join transport historian Oliver Green on behalf of Gresham College for a dark journey below our city streets, past, present and future. 

The ultimate dream of scientists through the ages has been instantaneous transport - the teleporter. But how possible is this piece of science-fiction?  Join technological illusionist Neil Monteiro for a demonstrations of the unlikely and the impossible. 

Night School 

Join psychologist Richard Wiseman as he uncovers the power of the sleeping mind, revealing how to get the perfect night’s sleep, and decode your dreams. The event involves live mass suggestion and a free pair of yellow glasses.

Regular Lates events include:

Collider: step inside the world’s greatest experiment
This immersive exhibition blends theatre, video and sound art with real artefacts from CERN, recreating a visit to the famous particle physics laboratory. Explore the 27 km Large Hadron Collider and its cathedral-sized detector caverns, and witness the uncovering of the Higgs boson. Half-price Lates special offer – entry £5. Corporate Members go free. 

You remember it well from when you were nine... and if you don’t, now’s your chance to realise what you missed. Exercise your mental muscle through interactive science fun with no kids between you and the big red buttons to press. 

Punk Science: Let’s get this Show on the road 
Join the Science Museum’s resident comedians Punk Science as they journey into the future of transportation from hyperloops to hyperspace. So all aboard this weird and wonderful mix of science demonstrations, comedy and music. 

MasterCard Priceless London desk 
The MasterCard Priceless London team are offering MasterCard cardholders exclusive access to a range of popular events throughout the evening on a first-come-first-served basis. Come and speak to a representative and hear more about the fantastic offers available at 

Silent Disco 
Whether you’re practising your moves or just in the mood to slam dunk the funk, grab a headset, select your tunes and dance until you drop. The Science Museum does not accept responsibility for the quality of some of the moves you will see this evening.

Pub Quiz 
Come to our Pub Quiz. It’s now an institution, with fantastic treats for the winners. Losers get directions to a library for extra swotting. Places limited to 100 visitors. Charge £2, free to Corporate Members.



Science Museum Lates 
Wednesday 26th March, 18.45 – 22.00 
Entry to Lates is FREE, for ages 18+ and no booking is necessary 
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For more information contact Will Stanley, Science Museum Press Office on: 0207 942 4429 or

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