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Our collections form an enduring record of scientific, technological and medical change since the eighteenth century.

Shelves at Blythe House

Library and Archives

London Library

The Science Museum Library is one of the world’s great research libraries for the history of science and technology. Our new London facility, the Dana Research Centre and Library opens on Monday 9 November.

About the Collections

We have hundreds of thousands of objects in our collection, from aircraft to microchips.

Collections blog

Early flying machine

See what's going on behind the scenes on the Stories from the Stores blog. From Einstein's smelly feet to how pigeons hid the big bang.

Object Storage

Where we keep big and small objects in our collections.


Object Conservation at the Science Museum

Our conservators work across a huge range of objects, with the aim to prevent any physical deterioration.


We update our collections constantly – find out about some of the things we've added recently


How we manage historic and current records of all our objects.

Human remains

A human articulated skeleton seen from the side, 1543.

The Science Museum currently holds approximately 900 human remains. These come from many different countries and historical periods. They include skeletal material, mummies, artefacts incorporating remains and slides with human tissues.


Advertisement for the telephone, 1877

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