Annual Review 2011-12

By taking new directions, challenging visitors, employing exceptional standards of audience research and bridging the gap between science and culture, the Science Museum Group won people over to science and innovation in 2011-12.

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Moving up a gear

Serious, ambitious, determined: it’s time for the Science Museum Group to punch its weight, because the nation’s future prosperity and quality of life depend on an urgent commitment to science and technology, says Ian Blatchford, Director, Science Museum Group.

Challenging audiences

Our commitment to audience research gives us a competitive edge - and a sound understanding of how to inspire visitors and the next generation.

Breaking down cultural barriers

Through its exhibits and programmes, the Group is committed to bridging the gap that exists between science and culture.

World-beating collections

We care for the best collections in the world at our five museums, and unique scientific firsts are the backbone of our exhibitions.

Commitment to collaboration

The Science Museum Group is committed to scholarship, academic collaboration and offering training and skills at every level.

Strategies for resilience

Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, the Group finds innovative ways to cut costs, raise funds and meet demand from an enthusiastic public.

One year, five museums

Find out what we achieved and how we did it at each of our museums in 2011-12, and see details of recent acquisitions.