Breaking down cultural barriers

Through its world-beating programme this year, the Science Museum Group is committed to bridging the gap that exists between science and culture.

Adventures with artists break down barriers

Through innovative exhibits and events, the Group is determined to bridge the historic gap that has yawned between science and culture since the 19th century.

Science meets art: Hawking and Hockney united in one culture

The meeting of two great talents, Professor Stephen Hawking and celebrated artist David Hockney, provided the undoubted highlight of the year at London’s Science Museum.

An online rendezvous for serious gamers

Not only did the family of Group websites attract a record 16 million visits last year, but we have further built upon our reputation for launching killer online games.

Art gallery shapes social history of the railways

A new art gallery at the National Railway Museum in York showcases more than a thousand paintings, prints and photographs charting the history of rail.