An online rendezvous for serious gamers

Daniel Evans, the Group's Head of Web, explains why our online games tap into an important part of UK culture.

Not only did the family of Group websites attract a record 16 million visits last year, but we have further built upon our reputation for launching killer online games.

The success of Rizk – played 5 million times in a single year – can only be described as phenomenal, says Daniel Evans, Head of Web. "Games are an important part of our national culture and a bigger industry than UK film. Rizk is a Tower Defence Game aimed at young thinkers, late teens and adults.

"It's not remotely dumbed down. As a giant metaphor for climate change, it’s about risk management, sophisticated options and trade-offs demanding hard decisions."

The latest suite of games based on emergent technologies, Futurecade, is designed for younger players and was played almost half a million times in its first two months.

The Group has built a brand for games such that players return to find our next challenging new title, and Bafta staged a workshop with us to find young games designers of the future.