Challenging audiences

The Science Museum Group's commitment to audience research gives us a competitive edge - and a sound understanding of how to inspire visitors and the next generation.

Award winning gallery takes the mystery out of climate science

The award-winning Atmosphere gallery helped to demystify the tricky subject of climate science this year thanks to the Science Museum’s unique approach to researching and understanding its audience.

A record-breaking year for learning and outreach

The Group’s unique approach to outreach and knowledge sharing helped nearly 2 million under-16s to learn something new and exciting last year – and all in a setting as far removed from a classroom as you could imagine.

Pop-up events push museum visits to record high

The Group's five museums achieved record visitor figures this year by doing what we do best – making sense of the culture of science and our industrial heritage.

Scholarship as the key to discovery

A renewed emphasis on scholarship at the Science Museum this year yielded both an intriguing adult alchemy exhibition and an exciting discovery.

Our own cutting-edge newsroom

Antenna: not just a hotbed of breaking news and feedback, but home to 22 displays and a host of events at the Science Museum last year.

Stirring the climate debate

The Group's Climate Science Outreach Project, now in its third successful year, is setting a series of challenges to our younger audience.