Our own cutting-edge newsroom

Antenna: not just a hotbed of breaking news and daily public feedback, but home to 22 displays and a host of discussion events at the Science Museum last year.

Antenna is a hotbed of breaking news, active experimentation and daily public feedback – the Group’s point of contact with the issues of the day.

Last year the Antenna team delivered 22 displays at the Science Museum in various guises as Live events, updates to the Topic Zone and to the Who am I? gallery funded by the Wellcome Trust, not to mention pop-up festivals. It organised a host of discussion events at the Dana Centre and four Live Science residencies where university scientists come in and involve visitors in their research projects, generate masses of data and polish their own communication skills.

Visitors in the Antenna Gallery at the Science Museum

Antenna’s blog hosts a daily opinion poll and a point of view from one of our own communicators to encourage debate among visitors. One of the most popular responses was to the question: "Would you let your car drive itself?" Research has shown that swarming locusts automatically avoid crashing, so if technology copied locusts we could have driverless cars that wouldn’t crash. Answer: 48% of visitors said "I’d want to keep control", but almost as many, 40%, would hand it over.

An Antenna gallery 'feature' such as Water Wars takes an investigative stance towards a controversial or emergent issue of contemporary science: here five water-capturing technologies were discussed, and among them sea water greenhouses have since won an award.

GB Olympic rowers participate in an Antenna Live event

Antenna Live events showcase experts with their latest interactive technology, such as 3D printers. Siemens brought in the GB Olympic rowing team, who became guinea pigs for a demonstration on blood gas analysis and how it could improve performance in sport.