Love Science? Keep it free

Your donation will help us make the most out of our unrivalled collections, acquire new objects, create innovative exhibitions and galleries, and develop the world’s best learning programmes for all ages.

Any gift, large or small, really will make a difference.

Thank you to all our visitors who made a donation at one of our museums (MOSI, National Media Museum, National Railway Museum and the Science Museum). Last financial year alone, you very generously donated £1.6 million towards our work.

This money is so important to all of our museums as not only does it help us replace the funding lost due to reductions in Grant in Aid, it means we can spend it where we need to the most: ensuring your visit is as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Receiving regular visitor donations means that this income now plays a crucial role in contributing to showcase the past and inspire the future about the science in all of our lives.

We welcome your support and involvement as we develop the Museum of the Future.

How to make a donation

You can donate online via our Big Give page.

If you're visiting the Museum, you can make a donation at any of our donation boxes, placed near the entrance and throughout the building.

To make a donation by post please complete the downloadable form (PDF) and post it to the following address. All amounts are gratefully received, and will help fund our future development.

Brodie Lyon
Development Office
Science Museum
Exhibition Road
London SW7 2DD

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on:
Tel. 020 7942 4382

(The Science Museum – as part of NMSI – is an exempt charity under the Second Schedule of the Charities Act of 1960 and is recognised as charitable by HM Revenue and Customs.)

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