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Building Bonanza

Building Bonanza is a judgement- based game exploring homes for the future in light of growing energy demands and waning resources. The game explores the characteristics of energy efficient homes.

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Building Bonanza- Build a home for the future.

Building Bonanza was played online 25,740 times in 2008!

Science Museum Online Analyst.

Key Theme

Energy and related themes including climate change, energy efficiency and Co2 emissions.


Building Bonanza asks the player to build an ‘energy friendly’ home for the future. As the player you must choose the shape, materials and aspect of your home as well as considering the means to power, insulate and ventilate it. Your decisions must all be made with maximum energy efficiency in mind. At the end of the game you will receive a score based on your future home’s energy efficiency.

Target Audience

National Curriculum Key Stages 2 and 3; children (age 7-14) and their teachers and families with children age 7-14 years.

Game Format

Available in kiosk and web formats.

Learning Messages

Cutting down the amount of energy you use will make it easier to meet global energy needs and reduces your impact on the environment.

Pioneers of sustainable living will enable people to live in a way that uses less energy and cause less environmental impact in future.

You can generate power for your own home using solar panels, C.H.P’s and wind turbines.

Advances in science are expanding the range of energy technologies available for the future

New technologies can help to reduce our consumption of energy


Energy Info Zone, ‘Energy-Fuelling the Future’ Gallery, 2nd floor of the Science Museum.

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