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Energy Hungry Mice

Currently fossil fuels meet most of the world’s energy needs. The energy-hungry mice symbolise our unsustainable reliance of non-renewable sources to meet our growing energy needs. The mice want to consume all of planets earth’s precious non-renewable resources! This will destroy planet earth. We will have to explore other options.

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Energy hungry mice

The kids learn about renewable energy at school, they had to show me what to do!

Sally. 37. Parent.

Key Theme

Energy: renewable and non renewable energy sources.


The aim of the game is to help the mice negotiate the maze and consume all of planet Earth’s precious non-renewable resources! The game demonstrates the unsustainable nature of non-renewable energy sources and that one day the non-renewable energy sources we rely upon will be gone! Does this mean we should be exploring the sustainable alternatives now?

Target Audience

National Curriculum Key Stages 2 and 3; children (age 7-14) and their teachers and families with children age 7-14 years.

Game Format

Available in kiosk and web formats.

Learning Messages

Some energy resources are immediately replaced as we use them up, and are called renewable. They will never run out. These include sources such as wind, tidal, wave or solar energy.

Some energy resources, like fossil fuels, take millions of years to form and if we continually use them faster than nature replaces them, we will eventually run out. They are known as non-renewable or finite sources. These include oil, coal and gas which are known as ‘fossil fuels’ and uranium.

Currently fossil fuels supply most of the world’s energy needs. Fossil fuels are effectively finite, so we need to find alternatives before they become too scarce.


Energy Info Zone, ‘Energy-Fuelling the Future’ Gallery, 2nd floor of the Science Museum.

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