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Energy Ninjas

Explore the animated world of the energy ninjas as they track down the perpetrators of the worst carbon dioxide emissions. Follow their direction to reduce carbon emissions and reduce the rating on the Co2 emissions guage.

Energy Ninjas Start 1

Energy Ninjas- The Co2 gauge must be reduced to acceptable levels!

‘Energy Ninja was played 32,376 times online in 2008!’

Science Museum Online Analyst

Key Theme

Energy: climate change and carbon index.


The year is 2025, help the Energy Ninjas investigate the town. The Energy Ninjas have noticed an alarming trend in Co2 emissions. As the player you must help the Energy Ninjas get the Co2 gauge down to acceptable levels. The Energy Ninjas will explore the emissions of different aspects of our modern lifestyle including our cars, our homes and power stations offering amusing yet insightful advice along the way!

Target Audience

National Curriculum Key Stages 2 and 3; children (age 7-14) and their teachers and families with children age 7-14 years.

Game Format

Available in kiosk and web formats.

Learning Messages

Burning fossil fuels is a problem because it is the major cause of climate change.

We use energy everyday to have clean water, food, heat, cooling, light, adequate housing, healthcare, communications, mobility and materials.

Cutting down the amount of energy you use will make it easier to meet global energy needs and reduces your impact on the environment.

Global travel and goods distribution, especially by air, is a major energy user.

Energy demand worldwide is growing. Developing world lifestyles are becoming more energy-intensive.


Energy Info Zone, ‘Energy-Fuelling the Future’ Gallery, 2nd floor of the Science Museum.

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