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Metropolis 4D Motion Effect Attractions

Metropolis Entertainment Limited, the UK based supplier of 4D motion effects attractions for the museums and visitor centre markets, will provide, under contract with the Science Museum, a complete 40 seat motion-effects theatre. The theatre will open at the Science Museum in mid-2009 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing, and will show the new experiential 3D film ‘Legend of Apollo’.

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Metropolis 4D Motion Attractions

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The guys at Metropolis got their act together and they've pulled off one of the most powerful stories and 3D effects presentations in the US and probably the world today.

Bob Ellis, the director at Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, Michigan.

Metropolis Entertainment received the 2004 Museum and Heritage Award of Excellence for its 60 seat 4D motion-effects theatre at Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum in the United States.


The objective is to place the audience in a fully immersive environment which replicates many ‘real world’ sensory experiences. Application can be for pure entertainment or educational subject matter and typical venues include location based entertainment; destination / visitor attractions; museums and retail malls. The system requires an auditorium similar to a conventional cinema and sizes for this type of theatre vary from 10 to 200 plus seats.


Metropolis is the world leader in the development and implementation of 4D motion-effects theatres. These theatres create a multi-dimensional experience by integrating large screen 3D projection with surround sound audio and dynamic motion seats. A number of additional 'sensory’ cues are added to increase the overall level and realism and these can include aroma, lighting, wind, water spray and leg ticklers. Such theatres are also capable of displaying many other films available from worldwide libraries in digital video format.

Technical Information

A typical 4D theatre consists of the following elements: A quantity of seats from 10 to 200 set out on a tiered grandstand (cinema style) - please contact Metropolis for further information and preliminary layout schematics. Each seat is a high quality, generously sized adult seat which delivers to the audience a number os sensory effects. 3 axis movement; the seats pitch fore and aft, roll from side to side and heave up and down. They also vibrate and drop or a combination of the above. Sensory effects include:
Wind – a blast of cool air to the face, water – an atomised water spray, aroma – a number of distinct aromas, Leg tickler – a small tube tickles the back of the legs and lighting. Each sensory effect is carefully and effectively programmed into the film so that each member of the audience has their senses activated.


The theatre will open in early summer 2009 in the Welcome Wing at the Science Museum.

More Information

If you would like further information on Metropolis Entertainment products, explore the Metropolis web pages. If making an enquiry, quote promotional code 'sciencemuseum.'

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For further information about Metropolis products please contact Ghislaine Walls at Metropolis Entertainment Ltd quoting the promotional code: 'sciencemuseum.'
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