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  • inhaler

    A device for breathing in a drug in order to deliver it to the airways or lungs.

  • inkstand

    Stand for holding inkwells, pens, sand, and other writing equipment.

  • inoculation

    Introduction of material (usually a vaccine) into the body with the aim of producing or boosting immunity to a specific disease.

  • insecticide

    A type of pesticide used specifically against insects.

  • insomnia

    The inability to sleep. It may be caused by anxiety, pain or stimulants such as drugs.

  • instructions - document genre

    Information in the form of outlines of procedure, as directions or commands.

  • instrument case

    A case of any kind used to hold and/or protect instruments.

  • insulating table

    Table used in electric shock therapy to isolate the charge

  • insulin

    A hormone that causes the body's cells to take up glucose from the blood. (Diabetes is the loss of control of the body's levels of insulin.)

  • interference microscope

    A type of electro-microscope that splits light into two beams. This allows a clearer examination of the specimen.

  • interferon

    A substance produced by cells infected with a virus. It has the ability to stop further growth of the virus.

  • intubation

    The insertion of a tube into a body canal or hollow organ, as into the trachea or stomach

  • intubation set

    set of instruments used for intubation - the placement of a tube into an external orafice of the body.

  • invitation

    Engraved, printed, or written expressions soliciting or requesting a person's company at a certain time and place.

  • iodine

    A disinfectant used in the First World War.

  • IQ

    Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a score based on one of several different standardized tests designed to measure intelligence and reasoning ability.

  • iron lung

    An airtight cylinder which a person lies in who is unable to breathe. The air pressure is alternatively raised and lowered, producing suction that causes lungs to inflate and pressure that deflates the lungs. This mimics the breathing process.

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